Loopy Groupies

Photo: Little Loopy with some fun

So - about those Loopy Groupies - what IS that exactly? In addition to our Loopy Rewards program, with your sixth package, you become an official member of the Loopy Groupie Club. With that, you'll receive:

  • a fun care package to welcome you in (a cool tote with a couple of goodies inside)
  • Loopy Kisses with each order (you'll have to wait to see those in person)
  • advance notice of all new yarns and products right when they go up on the website (although if any of you have a particular yarn line you're watching for, of course you can email us and request to get notice of that yarn early. We're always happy to do that. The only exceptions to that are for Wollmeise, simply because it sells out too quickly for the notice to get to you in time.)
  • an extra appreciation gift a couple of times a year, when we find something fun that we want to include in your order that month!

We hope to have YOU as a Loopy Groupie, soon!

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