Wonderful Customers Australia

Love the new look website!

Linda C
April '13

I love your fresh, new, updated website! Shopping with The Loopy Ewe has always been so much fun, with so many yarns to choose from, but now shopping with Loopy is even better!!! Congratulations!

Christine P
April '13

It's always fabulous to get a package from the Loopy Ewe. Even though it has to travel around the world, it always gets here quickly. I love the little sketches on each invoice, too!

July '12

I just received my "Welcome to the Loopy Groupies" Pack. I hadn't been keeping count of my buys so it came as a lovely surprise. Thank you all so much. When I picked the parcel up at the Post Office I thought it was a bit big for the items I was expecting and then when I started opening it and caught sight of the red handle I really thought that I had been sent the wrong package! LOL!! Once again A Big Thank You to all at The Loopy Ewe. Your customer service is awesome.

October '10

I received my Loopy anniversary kit today - such a long trip and all safe n'sound. The tumbler, yarn and pattern are all really lovely and I think I will actually knit the pattern. But I also really enjoyed received the newspaper used to wrap the tumbler. Such a nce snapshot of life on the other side of the world. Thanks.

August '10

I'm back, and more thrilled than ever! Huge selection, great packaging/shipping, warm and friendly hand-written notes (these things all take time to do, and I really appreciate your efforts) - AND a tiny red-sock-kit!!!!! Yep, you've got me! Cheers, Lisa xxxxx

August '09

I just received my first shipment from Loopy Ewe. Thank you for your fantastic service! The yarn is beautiful & everything arrived so quickly.

April '08

I'm not sure which gave me the bigger thrill - receiving some of the most beautiful yarn ever, or reading the handwritten note that came with it! Either way, you've got me hooked!!! Cheers, Lisa xxx

January '08

a wool website that reminds me of an old fashioned candy store . full of wonderful treats with friendly service. thank you !

January '08

I've just received my first order and it certainly won't be my last. The laceweight yarn i bought is stunning, the variety I had to select from was amazing and the service was outstanding. Yes, you've guessed right, I'm converted to the joys of shopping at The Loopy Ewe, even from Australia.

August '07
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