Wonderful Customers Alaska, USA

Sheri - Thanks a bunch for being so awesome! Since moving to Alaska, I've gotten used to waiting 3 or 4 weeks for things to arrive in the mail. But your package came so fast (4 business days) that I didn't believe the USPS tracking site when it said it had arrived. And ya know what? When I opened the package I was surprised again. The yarn was absolutely amazing; talk about hand and eye candy. Plus the personal note made me feel the missing link in most online transactions...that feeling of being a valued customer and being recognized as not just a customer but a person. So thanks once again for making my day :)


I love this shop - often, shipping to Alaska can be a problem but not with Sheri! Her packages are sent out in a timely manner, USPS Priority - I appreciate her service very much! Thank you!


I got the box of yarns on Monday and I love each and every one of them! They are even more beautiful than I thought and are going to be a real joy to knit with. All the best and thanks so much for such wonderful service!

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