Wonderful Customers Arkansas, USA

We went to your store in May 2012 while we were visiting my 2 daughters in Colo. One lives in Ft Collins and we found your store thru the phone book and it was very nicely stocked with beautiful yarns and the people were really kind and friendly. I surely will visit your store again in the fall of this year again. I am so glad that I found your store and your site on computer by accident.

Jenny Moore

Sheri, Thank you so much for getting this yarn to me (as if it were an emergency). The tenderly wrapped little package was delightful to open. The extra care is most appreciated, as is your store. Thank you for the needle inventory card and samples...a pleasant surprise. I will sing your praises to my knitter friends. All the best to you, E.


WOW! Just when I think you can't top the last order, you go and do. Your products and service are the top!


Sheri, Thank you so much for The Loopy Ewe. The service is lightning fast or as my Maine friends would say "Wicked Fast". This is my favourite place to get sock yarn. The extras and the sweet notes that you add are wonderful.


Sheri, thank you so much for my order. The colors are wonderful and the little extra treat was a nice touch. The pink was perfect and if I hurry I can have a pair finished just in time for October which is Breast cancer awareness month and you just can't have too much of color pink. I have bookmarked you as my favorite and look forward to shopping with you again soon. I will also share my shopping experience with my knitting group this weekend. Several of us who do knit socks have a great appreciation for specialty shops and yarn. Thank you.

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