Wonderful Customers Ohio, USA

Your customer service is absolutely the best ever! You truly appreciate your customers and it shows!


Your quick and cheerful customer service is refreshing. I wasn't sure if you would have enough of any one colorway to make a cardigan, but Lynn was good enough to get the ones together I needed. She confirmed that it would be all right and had them beautifully wrapped and at my home in less than 3 days. Thank you for all the help that the Elves at the Loopy Ewe have given me in the last two years. I cannot wait to make a trip to Colorado to actually see this wonderful place in action!

Pamela D

When I placed my first testimonial, I was so excited about the colors of the yarn I recived that I neglected to state how well the skeins were wrapped and sent - it looked like a Christmas present! all wrapped in tissue paper and placed in plastic bags! Thanks for you attention to the extras!!!! - they are very important also!


Service was wonderful and quick! The yarn was beautiful and just like the pictures stated they would look. My twin great-grandsons and their brother are soon going to be the sharpest looking little boys ever! Thanks so much!!!


I can't think of another company that goes above and beyond to make their customers happy like The Loopy Ewe..Sheri and the Elves are the best!!!


I always read in Wendy Knits blog about her purchases from Loopy Ewe, so I checked the website. So many beautiful yarns to choose from, it was hard to choose. My package arrived so fast, I was in awe. The note from Sheri was such a nice touch, they really care about their customers. Thank you Sheri

Sherri A

I placed an order on Wednesday and the box was waiting for me on Friday, now that's excellent service! Thanks much!


The elegant wrapping of each skein of yarn, the lightning fast shipping of my order, the little gift enclosed and the personal note of encouragement indicate superior customer service. Thank you Sheri! You're my kind of business.


I am now a Loopy Groupie!!.........and I knew i would be getting a tote bag and some Loopy kisses but I was so surprised and pleased about the other goodies that were included with my order. Thank you so much! Your customer service is so awesome!


Just got my third order from The Loopy Ewe. LOVE recieving my packages from you--it is like Christmas when I open the box. I have no LYS in my area but I now cosider TLE my yarn shop. I cannot wait to join the Loopy Groupies. Thank you Sheri for the beautiful yarns, wonderful packaging, and lightening fast shipping. Must go figure out my next order.


Thank you! Thank you! I placed an order a few days before Xmas for some yarn that was needed to finish the last present and it arrived so quickly. I agree with everyone here that it was packaged wonderfully, arrived quickly, and even had little presents. Thank you for saving the last christmas sock! I will be ordering again!


I just received my latest order and as usual the yarn is beautiful , it gets here so fast. But also there was a calender in my order it's so beautiful I cried. Thank you Sheri for making the Loopy so wonderful.


Just want to say, my first order was FABULOUS!! Seriously, you have one of the best sites for sock yarns, with an outstanding selection. My order arrived quickly, was packed beautifully, and my second order is on it's way! Hugs to you!!


Thanks so much to the Loopy Elves who really do work hard even though the boss is gone. My order arrived quickly (with fun extras), the yarn was beautiful (which was good because I really needed something happy to end the day after getting the taxes done and finding out we owed big bucks!)


I love shopping at the Loopy Ewe! If something isn't in stock at the moment, I'm willing to wait until it comes back before I go shop somewhere else. Also, if I see something that Sheri doesn't carry that I'm interested in, I'll wait a little while and soon enough Sheri announces that she's just added the line and it will be in shortly. I love it! Sheri and her family do such a fabulous job at welcoming you and making you feel at home. Thanks for everything Sheri!


Thanks again for your terrific service on my recent order and for the care and personal touch that goes into each order. Nothing but the best from you! And you just keep finding wonderful yarn for us to try. You know how to keep your customers happy!

Mary Rose

I just wanted to thank-you so much for the "extra" gifts that came with my latest offer. I absolutely love the tote and everything else! I am now a "Loopie Groupie" and am thrilled! Your service is the best! I'll definitely be ordering more from your website and can't wait to see what new yarns and colors you have coming for spring. Just wanted you to know that you do a great job and are appreciated.


I Love the Loopy Ewe! I've just received my latest order and wanted to thank you again for the wonderful service. I've placed 3 orders by phone and one on-line and each transaction has been very smooth, very easy and I receive my order so quickly. I really appreciate the wonderful gifts you've included with my order. I can't wait to make the Loopy Red Sock :) It's too cute. I'll definitely be ordering again soon and can't wait for your sock club. Kristi


This site is just wonderful. I ordered some lovely yarns and received them in THREE DAYS. I couldn't believe it. Each yarn was individually wrapped in tissue, accompanied by a lovely note. She even included some samples of other sock yarns. I found this site thru the Yarn Pirate's blog and will definitely come back again.


Hi Sheri, Thank you so much for the excellent service! I was very excited to place my order by phone and chat with you. My order arrived so quickly and I want to thank you for the personal note and the gifts that you included with my order. I love your website and blog. I check your site every day now. Your son has done an outstanding job with your website. It is extremely easy to navigate. Thank you very much and I'll definitely be ordering again. Your newest fan in Ohio. Kristi

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