Leftie Sort'a from Connie

Camp Loopy 2013 Project Two

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My Leftie shawl was a journey down memory lane. The background done in Buckingham Fountain because I am a royal watcher. July is a special month there. The area between the leaves was tweaked from the original pattern. Instead of garter, it is a stockinette with mock cable lace for the center 2 rows. This softened the look, while honoring the designers pattern. The leaves are done with 30 different yarns for the leaves, 17 are TLE yarns the other 13 from a variety of other projects. All hold special places in my heart. Two from a visit with Crickat last year, working on my TLE swap project. Thank you for this challenge. ♥ (My yardage, just under 700 yds, is figured in the background yarn only. Not the leaves at all.)


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