Loopy in Tokyo from Melissa

Summer Vacation!

This photo was uploaded to our galleries in June 2008.
Photo: customer photo

Attached is a picture of Loopy in Tokyo last week. My husband was there for business last week and I had him take Loopy along. Loopy really had a good time in Tokyo and Ota City. He got to tour some wonderful Japenese gardens, temples and downtown Tokyo. My husband said that it was funny because the Japanese man he was with would start yelling "Get the sheep, time for picture!" Oh, and Loopy got to experience the earthquake there, too! But don't worry, he's safe and sound now. And he might get to go back in July. My husband will be traveling again and the men he was with are asking if the sheep is coming too! So, maybe if he keeps being a good sheep, he can go back!

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