Sweet Pea & Me Mittens from Marie

Camp Loopy - Project Two

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This is my Project II for Camp Loopy 2011. I had hoped to get a picture with my baby model, but these have been done for a few weeks and 100 degree weather doesn't scream mittens. The pattern was Mommy and Me Mittens which has a hugs and kisses cable pattern down the adult pair. Two half mittens are knit and sewed into the palms so that the child can slide their hand into the mitten and thus hold hands. A spare is knit for the child's free hand. The child's mittens (1/2 and whole) are plain. For our little Sweet Pea, I added a heart to the palm of the half mitten and reproduced the hugs and kisses cable. SP's mittens where white and so I added a matching blue edge to the cuff. Fun! The adult pair was hard to photograph to get accurate color. Since we needed to show we knit an adult pair with cables, this picture doesn't show the child's. Go to my Rav link to see more details.


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