Giant Felted Bag from Natalie

Camp Loopy - Project Three

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This photo was uploaded to our galleries in September 2011.
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I used 4 1/4 skeins (cakes) of Cascade 220 colorway Blueberry yarn for this bag which was 935 yards and then a friend sent me her leftover Camp Loopy yarn and I added a touch of contrast color to the top of the bag and made the handle in the contrast color as well. I used several different pattern ideas to create the bag but used the "Fulled Lopi Tote" pattern for the mitered bottom. The bag dimensions were 30" long by 19" wide prior to felting and 17 1/2" long by 14" wide after felting. It is huge! Which is exactly what I wanted. I wanted a big bag that I could throw several smaller project bags into when we travel so that I didn't have them scattered all over the place. I LOVE how it turned out!

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