M's Boyfriend Vest from Martina

Camp Loopy 2012 Project Two

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I used Lisa R. Myers pattern "Cabled Vest" as a basis for my vest, but I knit it flat with a front central opening. I did the ribbing band and the lower portion of the body of the vest in black, then the rest of the vest in Ysolda Red. I used far more yarn than I thought I would and had to buy another skein which was darker reds rather than the pinks to reds of the original yarn. I ended every section with 30 rows, first 10 alternating the original yarn and the new yarn and then 20 rows of just the darker color. Since it's the same all the way around the garment it looks like it should be that way. I have buttons which I bought from Mood in NYC some time ago and also want to add some edging around the armholes and front opening and neckline for additional stability (stop the roller shade effect!). No idea how many buttons or what kind of edging so will wait to think that part through. As for the vest, it is knit to the full pattern so I deem it completed.

The finished vest minus whatever edgings I decide to do later. My fingertips are almost to the bottom of the ribbing band. The vest is very long and a very lightweight 'fabric'. A perfect layer with my black pants and turtlenecks!


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