Felted Flat-Bottom Yarn Bowl from Connie

2013 Second Quarter Challenge

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This photo was uploaded to our galleries in July 2013.
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I designed this because we travel a lot. I wanted a bowl large enough for the yarn & to hold the project. The bottom sits flat, so that it doesn't tip over, making it nice when I place it on my lap-board in the car.

My stranding begins with hearts that touch all the way around the bottom. We often meet up with knitting friends in our travels, so this is significant. Then the top has a stranded design to finish off with 2 borders. Loved doing this project, colorwork & I are NOT good friends.. The buttonholes for the bright green laces make for easy access to the treasures inside. (Felted beautifully also, the stranding details came out perfectly) Thank you for the challenge!! ♥


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