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Rainy Mondays

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Monday, September 11th, 2006 in Uncategorized

DSCF2827.JPGI think rainy Mondays were just meant for knitting. So here I sit, looking out my window at a lovely rainy day, and …. my To-Do List is too long. This is reason #78 for planning ahead and not procrastinating. Here it is from the official text:

“78. You never know when it’s going to rain on a Monday and you’re going to want to sit and knit rather than tackling all of those things on your To-Do List.”

Yes, I had read the manual on this and everything, and completely ignored #78. Now it’s taunting haunting me. I hope that I have learned a lesson. Probably not.

I did get some knitting done over the weekend. Yesterday, Knitting Daughter and I watched way too many a few episodes of The Gilmore Girls during Knitting Afternoon. We just discovered this show and the mother/daughter dynamics reminds us of us – so we love it. We are currently on Season Three, so you can see that we have put in some good knitting time over the past month or two. Does anyone else watch this show?

DSCF2828.JPGI finished Sock 1 in the purple mystery yarn. I love how this knit up and I also love how it softened when I washed it. These are going to be a delight to wear. I used the Rococo Sock Pattern that we have at The Loopy Ewe (modified a bit, because I like just plain stockinette stitches on the instep. I modify almost all patterns and just do the decoration on the cuff.) DSCF2829.JPGIt was a fun pattern to knit (a 16 row repeat). I know it would look more impressive on a solid or heathered colorway (check out the picture on that link to pattern), but I’m just having fun going through all of her designs and experimenting. Have I mentioned how much I love Lisa’s sock designs? That’s why we have almost every single one of her designs in stock. It’s really for me, personally!

I did tell you that I’d announce one of the FOUR new yarn lines that we have coming in between now and the end of October. You already know about Sweet Georgia, which I announced a couple of weeks ago. I talked with Felicia this week, and our order is scheduled to be in by the end of September. (And I already put Wonder-Husband on notice that his photography skills would be needed quickly, in order to get them up for your viewing pleasure asap.) I have also already placed another Sweet Georgia order that will come in in November. But I digress. The mystery purple yarn comes from another new line that we will be getting in the beginning of October – Yarn Pirate! We’re starting with 15 of her wonderful colorways (including a Loopy Ewe colorway, designed just for us). This fingering weight superwash merino knits up on size 1′s (2.25 mm) and one skein makes one pair of socks. I will also get those up on the website as soon as we can turn that around. I know you will love Georgia’s amazing colors. (Confusing. It’s FELICIA at Sweet Georgia, and GEORGIA at Yarn Pirate. And HEATHER at ….. oops – I haven’t told you about that one yet. Sorry.)

I’ll also started my Fall Socks this weekend. What I really wanted to knit was Fleece Artist Mermaid, but I decided on Fleece Artist Jester because it really does look more Fall-ish. (I will definitely get back to Mermaid eventually.) I love how this Jester is turning out. Pictures later in the week.

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