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A Freezer Intervention

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, October 4th, 2006 in Uncategorized

DSCF2902.JPG Well apparently I have been overlooking a few items in the freezer. Whatever. I was packing up some orders in The Loopy Room and wandered into the kitchen to find THIS. “What in the world…?” I said to Wonder Husband. He said, “I’m doing an intervention. The freezer is out of control. Which of these things should stay, and which should go?” Oh for pete’s sake. Was I in the mood to be cleaning out the freezer? I think not. (Which might explain how it got that way in the first place.) So, a few of the things we found:

3 unopened bags of sliced almonds, and 3 half-used bags of sliced almonds
2 bags of chocolate chips and 1 bag of mint chocolate chips.
1 baggie of 25 single chocolate chips.
2 half-used bags of hash browns.
3 packs of waffles
1 Hefenkranz (oooh – that was a fun find! A sweet German bread that my grandmother used to make.)
About 25 bags of veggies (in a variety of unopeneds, half-useds, and 2/3′s used)
Hamburgers (a box, a bag, and a pound)
Chicken breasts and grilled chicken strips
4 bags of shredded cheese (2 unopened and 2 half-used)
And maybe a few other things tons more, too numerous to mention.

Wonder Husband pointed out that this was probably a few hundred dollars worth of food, wasted. My immediate (and unspoken – I’m no idiot) thought was, “Think of all the yarn I could’ve bought with that.”

The freezer is now clean and ready to be filled again for another four years. Cool. (no pun intended)

Sheri pleasetellmethatI’mnottheonlyonewithfreezerissues

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