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Sweet Georgia Has Arrived!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, October 9th, 2006 in Uncategorized

sgfondantsgbluesteel I have been waiting and waiting for this yarn line to get in. (I know that a lot of you have been waiting for it, too!) Some of you frequent Loopy-Ewe-website-checkers found it on the website on Saturday afternoon and have already placed orders. They’ll all be on their way to your homes tomorrow morning (no mail today – Columbus Day). Here are two photos – but we have 16 different colorways available on the website. I was watching Wonder Husband (aka Wonder Photographer) take the photos of these yarns for the website and we both were amazed at the color in the yarn. You definitely need to try Sweet Georgia if you haven’t had the pleasure before. We have another order “in the que” with Felicia, and expect that in early December (15 more colors in fingering weight.) That’ll be just in time for you to buy some for yourself. Remember my good plan of knitting up holiday gift socks with sport weight because it goes so much faster? So knit the sport weight now, and then stock up on the fingering weight for your own personal winter knitting. Remember my contest to see which yarn line – All Things Heather, Sweet Georgia, and Yarn Pirate – would come in first? No one had ANY guesses for Saturday, Oct. 7th. But two people guessed Sweet Georgia on the 4th, so I drew a name out of those two and MICHELLE, you are the winner! Email me with the colorway of Sweet Georgia that you want coming to your house, and I’ll mail it out tomorrow!

DSCF2909.JPG Look what else I got in the mail on Saturday. (It was a fun mail day.) I love these necklaces and have a couple of others as well. Definitely thought I ought to have The Loopy Ewe. Speaking of the Loopy guy, I also want to get a sweatshirt or fleece jacket with the logo on it. Don’t I need Loopy, the sock-wearing ewe on an article of clothing? I mean really, I knit socks. He looks cute. I need to advertise. I’m going to look into it. I have another idea, too, but I’ll share that when it comes about.

For those of you who missed the Celtic Swan sterling silver needles, I do have list of people to email when the next batch come in. (Since they are hand-wrought, it does take awhile, but it’s so worth the wait!) I also received the new pricing from Molly and I promised that I’d keep you posted on that. This is for Sterling Silver DPN’s, 5 in the set, 6″ in length. The 0′s will be $79, the 1′s will be $94, and the 2′s will be $109. If you already know that you want certain sets, let me know and I’ll hold them out for you before adding this next batch to the website. I already have people on that list, too. (Including myself!) Do remember that when you shop at The Loopy Ewe, (whether it be for sterling silver needles, or yarn, or patterns, or … anything that we have), you accumulate Loopy Credit. After you have accumulated $250 in orders with us, we will credit your account with $25 to spend on your next order. That’s 10% back to you, to buy more fun stuff! Several of you have already earned Loopy credit, and we love giving it out. We appreciate your business and support, and it’s one way that we can thank you and let you know how much you’re appreciated.

DSCF2906.JPG On the knitting front, I have been working on my socks for Sock Wars. I have heard from the person knitting the socks for me, and I anticipate that I will be getting them in the mail very very soon, so it is likely that I will be out of action. That’s ok. My list of “must knit these socks for gifts before the end of December” is LONG, so I’m ok with being shut out of Sock Wars fairly early on. I am knitting this out of Schaefer Lola (in the Singin’ the Blues colorway). I really really like Schaefer Lola as a sportweight. The yarn is soft, and springy-squishy. It’s going to make some really comfortable socks for my “intended victim”. And knitting with Lola has me thinking that I’m going to pull some more colors for myself and my holiday sock list. I really like how this knits.

Sheri so whichofthesenewSweetGeorgiacolorwaysisYOURfavorite?

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