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Yarns, yarns, more yarns, and a contest!

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Wednesday, October 11th, 2006 in Uncategorized

DSCF2911.JPG I think I tested the limits as to how many packages my mailman will pick up at one time. What do you think? :-) Well that’s what they get for taking Columbus Day off. Web Guy (aka College Son) told me that I’d have to get him a GOOD Christmas present. No, I’m not knitting socks for the mailman. Something else. Any suggestions for good non-knitted gifts for the mailman? He totally deserves it. Not only is he picking up orders to bring to YOUR house, he’s also dropping off new yarns for The Loopy Ewe. We keep him busy coming and going. Today I thought I’d give you a preview of what we have on order and coming soon to The Loopy Ewe (along with photos from a few skeins of yarn from that line that we already have in stock – just so you can visualize what line it is. You know that you can click on any photo in my blog to embiggen it, right? Some things – like yarn – just have to be seen BIG, don’t you agree?)

pb2912 So first off, did you check out the Sweet Georgia? (Well, I know you did, because many of those boxes on my front porch contained skeins and skeins of it!) I can already see that this will be a balancing act, keeping it in stock. Hand-dyed yarn buying is interesting, in that most places take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to do your order and get it shipped out to you. It takes some interesting guesswork. (“Hmm – what do I think I will need more of in 2 months?”) So, we have the Sweet Georgia fingering weight on order, and later today I’ll be putting in a re-stocking order for this sport weight already. I want you to be able to pop onto The Loopy Ewe and find what you need, when you need it!

pb2915 And more yarns – Earlier this week, I also ordered all of the new Claudia Hand Painted colorways in fingering weight. This will bring our total number of different Claudia fingering colorways to over 30, because I know you LOVE her yarns! Some of the new colors are really great. (Who am I kidding? ALL of the new colors are really great.) I expect this order in by the end of next week, so watch for them and let me know what you think.

pb2920 And more yarns – I also ordered more Lorna’s Laces colorways in the fingering weight. This means that we will have almost all of her yarns in that weight (as well as a good bunch of them in the sport weight.) I love the color combinations that LL comes up with – from the bright “oh my gosh look at that!” to the more subdued “isn’t that just downright beautiful?”, they seem to have the color spectrum covered. These will be in around the first part of December. I’ll keep you posted.

pb2916 And more yarns – I ordered the rest of the Interlacements Tiny Toes colorways this week, too. The vibrancy of the dyes they use are just amazing. It’s a fun box to open up because the colors practically burst out of there! This is another company which has some of the most beautiful WOW colors, as well as some of the most beautiful subdued colors. (Wonder Husband/Wonder Photographer does find it challenging to photograph and color-correct them accurately, because of the intensity of the colors. However, he does a bang-up job, don’t you think? Ohhhh, I’m keeping his camera so busy in the next few weeks……)

pb2918 And more yarns – I have more Schaefer Anne and Lola on its way to us as well. I have long loved Schaefer Anne – beautiful yarn with a gorgeous “sheen” to it. The other thing I like about these two lines is that their colors are unique. They use the end runs of their dyes to creative interesting, one-of-a-kind color combinations. That’s why it’s important to buy it when you see it, because you’re not likely to see it again! (There you go – enabling at it’s finest!) And since I started in on socks with Lola this week, I’m a huge Lola fan as well. We are almost out of the colorways that we first got in from this company – time for more choices!

And more yarns – All Things Heather and Yarn Pirate are both shipping this week!! Our cashmere line from Posh Yarns will ship in the next week or two from “over the pond”. Not sure how long that wil take. (I cannot wait to get my hands on their cashmere/wool blend.) More Fleece Artist colors are due in in a few weeks as well.

And one more new line! You know that I like to be able to offer you the wonderful tried and true sock yarn lines (think Cherry Tree Hill, Lorna’s Laces, Regia, Online, Opal, Interlacements, Fleece Artist, etc) but I also like to offer some wonderful yarns by one-woman shops (like Sweet Georgia, All Things Heather, and Yarn Pirate.) I am adding another one of these “one woman shops” to our line-up and I think it would make a good contest, don’t you? So here’s the October blog contest - Leave a guess as to which one-woman shop we’re adding in the next couple of months and the winner will receive a free skein from their line, as soon as it comes in. As I’m guessing that she may get more than one person guessing her company, I’ll draw a name from anyone who makes the right guess. (This is also my way of getting more names of good yarn lines that YOU might want us to carry. Sneaky, huh? Although after this one, I’m on a yarn-buying diet. You think YOU need to go on a yarn diet?? I have enough yarn coming in to The Loopy Ewe to last us into the new year. So that stocks us for awhile and I’m doing a Loopy Yarn Diet. Although there is ONE company that I’d go off my Loopy Ewe Yarn Diet for in a heartbeat. If I had word from them, we’d jump in and stock up. Just sayin’.) I’ll do the drawing a week from today, so get your guesses in!

I want you to know how much we appreciate your continued support and your business. We value each order that comes in and we love sending you the little gifts with purchase, the yarn samples, and the $25 Loopy Credit each time you accumulate $250 in orders with us. We know that you have a choice in where to purchase your supplies, and we’re always striving to earn your business and to keep you happily surrounded by wonderful yarns for inspiration!

Sheri myregularmailmanwasgonetodayandI’mnotsurethesub-guyappreciatedmyboxpile :-(

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