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All Things Heather has Arrived!

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Monday, October 16th, 2006 in Uncategorized

hgourd Ohhhhhh my. I came home from running errands on Friday and there was The Box. I knew what was in there. I knew that I would open it and find all sorts of wonderful colors and combinations by Heather at All Things Heather. I knew that I would be tempted to quickly add several to my own stash. And …. I was right. I really really really am trying not to take skeins of Sweet Georgia and All Things Heather for my very own. I really really really am trying to leave them in inventory so that YOU can buy them. For example, I really wanted Sweet Georgia Kissed. Love that pink and brown. But we’re already sold out of it. I will pick another – no problem there. (And we have more Kissed on order.) When All Things Heather was being unpacked, I tried to limit myself to one. I pulled out Sherwood, and thought that was it. But next came Agate – and I wanted that too. It was all over when Copper Urn came out of the box. Yep. Then I moved on to the Tencel/Merino blend and I cannot wait to knit with that yarn. (more on that in a minute). So, I must have Midnight Frost, too. I’m sorry. I WANT to leave all of the skeins for you, but I simply cannot. I’m taking two. For now. Must have more later.

hmidfrost So – let me tell you about All Things Heather. These are unique colorways to The Loopy Ewe. Actually, I may be able to talk Heather into re-doing a certain colorway from time to time, but many times she plays with colors and what comes out is unique and then she’s on to the next idea. I like that. (Mostly because it’s the best excuse I know to “buy it when you see it because it may never be back.”) The Sock yarn is a bit thicker than fingering weight, but slightly less than sport weight. It seems perfect for people who think fingering weight is too fiddly, but sport weight is too thick.

hrosewoodz The merino/tencel blend is simply the classiest looking yarn that I have ever seen in a sock yarn. It has a beautiful sheen and a tight twist (does that come through in your computer monitor?) and you think you ought to be knitting these socks for the Queen. (Or at least for the Queen of your household. That’s you!) I ordered just six colorways to try it out, but I have already figured out that this one is a winner and we will definitely keep it. You need to try this yarn. Once you start with it, well, there will be no stopping you. You’ll love it that much.

hsherwood The last thing I want you to notice is the names and how well they go with the yarn. I was having too much fun pulling them out of the box and discovering the names (much to Wonder Husband’s amusement). “Ohhh – look at this! Does that not just look like Robin Hood and the Sherwood Forest?” or “Oh my gosh – this Midnight Frost is so beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to knit with a yarn by that name?” or “Clover. Of course Clover. That is SO Clover!” and on and on. I think he may have walked off in the middle of my exclamations, but I was too involved with yarn tags to notice. The first picture at the top of the post is “Gourd”. (Is that not just Gourd??) Next is Midnight Frost, Rosewood, and Sherwood. But you really have to hop over to The Loopy Ewe to see them all, and get your order in. I do have another order in with Heather already (wait until you see what she’s cooking up for you for the holidays!) and I suspect that these yarns will go quickly.

We unpacked the box and took pictures that evening, and had them up on the website by Saturday. See, it pays to check back often with The Loopy Ewe! Several of you have already been snapping them up and your orders are on their way.

So – what is your favorite colorway in this batch of All Things Heather?

Sheri pictureofmylatestknittedprojectcominginWednesday’spost!

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