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Good Customer Service

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fall It feels like Fall here today. The trees are turning red, orange and yellow, and the air is definitely nippy. I like nippy. In fact, I love this season. It’s my favorite of all. I have a kitchen window above my sink – one of those garden windows. We added a screen porch onto the back of our house several years ago, so the window isn’t the greatest for growing things. (Or maybe I’M not the greatest for growing things.) So I use it for seasonal stuff. That way, I can get into some fun things for that season, without doing up the whole house. I only do up the whole house for Christmas. So, these are some of the nice and then downright goofy things that are representing Fall in our house right now. Do you decorate for different seasons?

I went to Starbucks today (I’m a little sad that this new Starbucks is only 2 blocks from our house. It’s a bit too convenient.). One thing that I’m a fanatic about is good customer service. I LOVE shopping at places that make me feel appreciated and constantly “do the right thing”. I ordered my regular: Grande Sugar Free Vanilla Latte with 1 Sweet and Low. The gal taking my order said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. We’re out of Sugar Free Vanilla.” I replied, “Oh – bummer! I like sugar free vanilla.” She said, “We have sugar free hazelnut …. ?” So I said, “Sure – that works!” When I went to pay, it was free. FREE. She said, “I’m buying it for you because we’re out of what you really wanted.” I replied, “Oh my goodness – you don’t have to do that. Hazelnut is fine – no big deal!” But she wouldn’t let me pay. Now is that not amazing customer service? And here I am blogging about it, spreading the news. Word of great customer service always gets around.

On the knitting front, I am working on a sock from the new Posh Yarn cashmere line that we’re getting in soon. Cashmere (blend) socks – doesn’t that sound decadent? I’m making them for a Christmas gift. I’ll have the first one done by the time the yarn is in the shop, so I’ll post it then. (I know I know I know I know – I wasn’t supposed to start something NEW until I finished some of the twinless socks. I don’t want to hear about it.)

CIMG0039 College Boy went back to college yesterday. OHHHH how we loved having him home! His visits always seem too short for me. Here he is, helping me pack a few orders up on Saturday afternoon. He’s a great help. Mostly, he just does “Web Guy” duty, fixing everything on the website. It’s an ongoing process – we’re always updating and tweaking things on there. This time, it wasn’t quite so painful to say goodbye, as we’re heading up there for Parents Weekend on Friday afternoon! I love everything about that: knitting time in the car up and back, and being with him on campus for the weekend. (Wonder if I can convince Hubby and Daughter to stop at a yarn shop on the way? I have been wanting to check out the Mass Avenue Knit Shop in Indianapolis ever since Danny started attending Taylor. Because of course when you’re going to be heading one direction quite often, as we have done for two years now, you want to know the knitting shop options on the way.) I’ll let you know if I was successful in getting the car to detour! And by the way – all orders in to The Loopy Ewe by Friday morning will go out on Friday, but the afternoon and Saturday orders will go out on Monday. I know I have you all used to same day or early the next day shipping, and wanted to give you this heads up. Because, you know, GREAT customer service is important to us! :-)

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