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Knitted Gifts

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I have some special knitted items that were gifts to me through the years. I haven’t received any knitted gifts since I started back up into knitting with a vengeance (about 4 years ago). I wonder why that is? At any rate (I feel like Guido. He says “at any rate” a lot on his podcast. I must be listening to too many episodes. Must make a mental note to stop using that phrase. Do any of you listen to the “It’s A Purlman” podcast?) At any rate So, I thought I’d share these wonderful items with you.

DSCF2898aHere is a wonderful baby sweater that my grandmother made for her first great grandson. When I was pregnant with College Boy, she knit this up (in a neutral yellow, since we didn’t know boy or girl at that point.) She had a tradition of making baby sweaters for all of the new babies at their church. In fact, we took baby College Boy there to visit when he was 3 months old. I dressed him in the sweater and someone saw us in the nursery. DSCF2899aShe said, “That looks like one of Mrs. Carpenter’s baby sweaters!” and I had the pleasure of telling her that she was correct, and that this was in fact Mrs. Carpenter’s great grandson! How wonderful must it be to bless all of the babies in your church (or neighborhood) with hand-knitted items that get a reputation on their own? I’m saving this for my grandchildren one day.

DSCF2896aAnother wonderful handknit sweater, and this one was knit up for toddler Knitting Daughter. My friend Audrey’s mother was an accomplished knitter who lived quite a ways away. She was always knitting the most wonderful sweaters for Audrey’s young son and daughter, and I must’ve appreciated them overly much. DSCF2895aI was just thrilled to receive a package in the mail one day, with this beautiful sweater, just for us. My favorite part of it is the angora kittens. (And check out the back of the sweater, too.) I’m saving this for my grandchildren one day, too.

My other grandmother was a knitter as well. She had three grandchildren and 1 great grandchild at the time she decided to knit all of us afghans. I seem to remember that she knitted through them all that fall, and presented them to us at Christmas that year. I wish I would’ve been “in” to knitting back then, and could’ve sat with her and knitted. I do remember thinking she was a blur of fast clicking needles! (Kind of like this knitting video on YouTube which I think every knitter on the planet has now seen.) Yes, she was fast. I have much to learn.

Do you have knitted items from special people in your life? What is your favorite knitted gift that has been given to you? And what is your favorite knitted gift to give to others? Since many of us are working on knitted holiday gifts, I thought it would be fun to hear about knitted gifts that you have received and loved.

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