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Ten Things of Four

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2006 in Uncategorized

I LOVED reading about your favorite knitting places/companions! It was so fun to see how many of you love to knit with your cats and dogs nearby, too. (Me, too.) If you haven’t left your comment yet, go to Monday’s blog and fill me in. There is a prize involved and you will want it!

Well, today I’m drinking a Starbucks latte and making up my own “four things” blog. I have included some that I have seen and have made up a few of my own. I’m not “tagging” anyone (because I wouldn’t want to be tagged), but if you care to fill one or any of these out and report in the comments section or email it to me, I’m always interested in knowing more about YOU.

DSC00061.JPGFour places I have lived:
- Battle Creek, Michigan
- Clinton, Iowa
- Wheaton, Illinois
- St. Louis, Missouri

Four fun places I have visited:
Austria, Bermuda, Mexico, Hawaii

Four jobs I have had:
- Customer Service desk at Target (high school)
- Quality Assurance Technician at a pet food plant (college – and no I didn’t have to taste it….)
- Remedial Reading Teacher in a middle school (this was pre-kids in my life, and yes, I like adolescents.)
- Counted Cross model stitcher (stitched models for the cover of Cross-Eyed Cricket patterns for several years)

Four things I don’t like:
- Things that don’t work (computers, cars, systems, pretty much everything that doesn’t do what it is supposed to)
- Paying bills (so you’d think I would do more online bill-paying, wouldn’t you?)
- Grocery Shopping (although I do like cooking and baking)
- Waiting in long lines (anywhere, for anything. Except maybe at the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Booth.)

Four beverages I like:
- Starbucks Peppermint Mocha (because I bought one today – thanks to Loopy friend Kathy who put the idea in my head – and it tastes great. Now it’s my new favorite.)
- French Vanilla Latte from 7-11 (but just from MY 7-11. All the other 7-11′s make them way too sweet. I think mine must be cheap frugal and they dial down the amount of powder that goes into the water….)
- Peach Fresca
- Caffeine Free Diet Coke

Four blogs I read all the time: (although there are lots that I read often)
- and College Boy’s blog, which I’m sure he’d rather I not publish :-)

Four Eleven favorite sock yarns in random order:
- Sweet Georgia
- Fleece Artist
- Schaefer (Anne and Lola)
-Claudia Hand Painted
- All Things Heather
- Yarn Pirate
- Yarntini
- Lorna’s Laces
- Interlacements
- Cherry Tree Hill
- Posh

Four favorite yarn colorways:
Kissed from Sweet Georgia, Copper Urn from All Things Heather, Earth and Ocean from Yarn Pirate, Toast from Claudia

Four favorite knitting accessories:
- My Loopy sheep tape measure with red socks from Jari (watch for a variation of these at The Loopy Ewe, soon)
- My Loopy’s Knit Notes for Socks (already in its second printing!)
- My new sock knitting tote bag (oh – I haven’t shown that to you yet? I love it! Watch for these at The Loopy Ewe in the next few days)
- My Loopy, Louise, and Brother Black Bart Stitchmarkers (well for pete’s sake – there are so many new things I have to share with you, aren’t there? Stay tuned…….)

Four things I have to do today:
- Get a handle on the household laundry situation. (It’s about to bury us. I need to do laundry.)
- Grocery shopping (Or we’ll be moving on to bread and water soon. I need to grocery shop.)
- Packing Loopy orders (The fun part of my day! At least until Knitting Daughter and Wonder Husband get home. I like that part of my day, too.)
- Knitting on my two secret pairs of socks for up and coming yarn lines (while watching Lost tonight. Will anyone else be knitting and watching Lost tonight? We can have an “in spirit” knitting group.)

Sheri whoneededfourmorehoursofsleeplastnight

P.S. Just re-stocked a bunch of Claudia Hand-Painted Fingering Weight colors that we were out of – take a look!

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