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Creative Boxing

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, November 15th, 2006 in Uncategorized

DSC00065.JPG Do you think some boxers will Google “creative boxing” in the hopes that they’ll get some fancy new techniques, and will come upon this blog? (Or, come to think of it, boxers probably don’t Google things like that, huh?) Actually, this refers to the creative ways I have come up with to box up the sock blockers that you all are ordering. When W. Husband was making them, he asked me the size of my largest shipping box. I looked on line ( and told him the measurements. We both thought we had this covered …. until I went to pack up the first sold set. The extra larges didn’t fit in there and the larges poked out the top. Aaaaccckkk!! Of course I went right to the website and checked it out. Apparently, I had never ordered the large boxes. I placed the order right away, but it will take 7-10 days to get the boxes. SO, if you have sock blockers coming to you (and many of you do), please do appreciate my creative boxing. By the next time you order, all will be normal and professional looking again. You really can’t see and appreciate the creative-ness in this photo. You’re missing out on the “blurbles” that I did in some of these boxes. Well ….. those of you receiving them, and the big batch that went out yesterday, can appreciate it when they arrive and it will be our secret. :-)

I know that many of us are knitting socks for gifts at this time of year. I remember reading on the Knitter’s Review Board an idea about cutting out cardboard forms for the socks you’ll be giving as gifts. You slip these in the socks (as if they were sock blockers) and your socks look oh-so-impressive when they are opened up. I thought it’d be awfully easy to just trace our sock blockers onto poster board and tuck them into your gift socks. I think it’d be especially fun to trace our red plastic ones, because of the ruffly edge on the top. Wouldn’t that make a nice gift presentation? (And you wondered what you’d really do with sock blockers, eh?) Some of you have already ordered one of every size – you’re set for life and all future gifts, aren’t you? And of course you’re hanging your sock blockers up in your knitting corner for fun and decoration, right? Possibly displaying your favorite pair of socks on there? Oh, the many uses of sock blockers.

602_costantine While we’re on the topic of gifts, did you see the great knitting bags that I put up on the website? I’m so in love with these bags! The Zelda by Offhand Designs is THE perfect sock-knitting bag. Not only that, but it looks very classy. Featured in Vogue International Knitting (10/04) these sleek totes are 5.5″ H x 20″ W x 5″ D with a 25″ removable velvet strap. They have a 16″ frame closure which can stand wide open (the tote has 4 feet to keep it standing up straight) so that you can knit right out of the tote. There are 5 inside pockets, corded velvet trims, Faille lining, with a sleek and secure closure so that none of your supplies fall out. I’m hooked. I love carrying this bag, that looks like a fancy cool purse. I love the way it is perfect for my socks in progress. I love the lush fabric. I love that it doesn’t look like a typical knitting bag. Cool, cool, cool. And I think it would make a great gift for yourself for the holidays. Just sayin’.

DSCF2545.JPG DSCF0219So no “virtual knitting group” as we watch Lost tonight. I don’t appreciate this “fall break” thing. What’s up with that? (And last week’s episode? I was rooting for Jack and Kate, not Sawyer and Kate. Poor Jack.) Well, I’m still going to knit tonight. I’ll make a cup of tea, and settle in with the snoring-dog under my feet (and likely, a warm, purring Zoe on my lap) and think of all of you as I work on some Christmas socks. Zoe says: “Why don’t I get my picture in your blog as often as Lucy gets in Wendy’s blog?” Casey says, “Who cares about cats. Where are all the DOG pictures in blogs?” I say, “Don’t get used to it. Neither of you will get your photos in this blog very often…..” (Although they’re both darned cute, aren’t they?)

Sheri sowhatisyourfavoritekindoftea?IloveGoodEarthandanythingfromAdagio :-)

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