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Sock Blockers in the Trees

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, November 27th, 2006 in Loopy

Are my neighbors watching me behind the curtains? Because I’m wondering what they think when I line up a bunch of socks along the fence, or hang sock blockers and socks in the bushes. Not only that, but then I take photo evidence of that loopyness? Maybe I ought to go to the next neighborhood meeting and listen in…..

DSC00094.JPG Remember this? It turned into these! Yes, I actually knit the second sock immediately after finishing the first sock. Why? blogBecause I love knitting with this merino/tencel blend (which you can find in our Yarn Pirate line and our All Things Heather line), and because I love the colors in this colorway – blues and browns (with white thrown in for fun). I had plenty of yarn leftover from the skein – to add to all of my other leftover sock skeins. I’m thinking I might need to make a log cabin sock quilt. After I finish my other log cabin quilt. ahem.

DSC00050 Remember this? It turned into this. (Well no, it’s not really hanging in a bush. That’s just for the photo…) I had this Sock Blocker Keychain attached to my purse and it was just fine and dandy for several weeks (and brought up lots of good knitting conversations with people). DSCF2939.JPGThen one day last week, I went to reach for my purse in the backseat, and …. it came up like this. Empty. The cute sock is gone gone gone. On the one hand, I’m sad to have lost it. It was cute and I liked the colors. On the other hand, it was quick and easy to knit up, and maybe I ought to just knit it up again with the leftovers from Frost? On the third hand, I wish I could see the person who finds that miniature sock somewhere (who knows where). Don’t you bet they’ll just have a fun time trying to figure out who would be missing one teeny tiny sock? I’m going to hot glue the next sock on there.

DSCF2941.JPG College Boy has come and gone. We loved having him home. I said to Knitting Daughter, “What will I do when you BOTH leave after a weekend at home?” She said, “Don’t think about it.” So I said, “Yes, but you can imagine how lonely it will be here that Sunday afternoon?? I mean, your dad and I will just mope around. It’s going to be awful.” and she said, “MOM! Don’t THINK about it!!” So I’m not. I’m consoling myself with enhancing my sock yarn stash, instead. (When all else fails, buy more yarn.) Here is the current pile. There are 25 bags in there, representing 25 pairs of future socks, yet to be made. Some are yarns I’m testing for possible future additions to The Loopy Ewe, some are just yarns that I like, but all are waiting to be made into socks. And to be honest, there are at least 20 more “in stock” in the Loopy Room that I have pegged for my own stash. I’m just trying to leave as many as possible for you. Either that, or I just ran out of room in my stacking baskets…….

Sheri shareifyoudare-howmany”futuresocks”doyouhaveinyourstash?

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