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Hang Your Socks

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 in Loopy

Well I must tell you that I’m feeling a need to enhance my sock yarn stash a bit. I thought having 25+ future socks (plus 5 on the needles that I neglected to tell you about, plus several yarns that are on order that I neglected to tell you about) was a lot. Clearly, there are many of you who have me beat and you just keep adding to your own stash. I like that about you. And I bow to you. I will think of you as I continue to shop….

Kissed SocksI have been planning a Sock Photo Gallery for the blog and/or website since we opened. It’s on my “to do” list. After receiving marvelous “socks in the trees” photos from Loopy Customer Extraordinaire Sharon, I’m ready to do it. (These are her great photos!) You see, any website can have a “sock photo gallery”. But obviously The Loopy Ewe website needs to put a “loopy” spin on it. Jungle Socks
So ours will be The Socks in Trees Photo

Gallery. :-) So – take pictures of the socks you have made from purchases at The Loopy Ewe, put your socks on a bush or branch or tree, with or without sock blockers – and email your photos to us so that we can include them (and YOU!) in our gallery. Now isn’t that just a bit more fun than sticking them on your feet or laying them on the floor for a photo? Just sayin’. (And aren’t Sharon’s socks great? This is Sweet Georgia Kissed – more arriving any day here – and Claudia Hand-Painted Jungle Sport.)

It’s Field Trip Day. Today I have a knitting group of women coming over from Illinois to do a Loopy Field Trip. I also have another gal coming from mid-Missouri for the same thing. It will be a fun afternoon of sharing the Loopy Room. (You know, the “room” will soon be a misnomer. It is expanding out of its borders and will continue to grow because I have so many fun things on order for us. However, I’ll probably always call it The Loopy Room. It makes people wonder, when I say that I’ve been in The Loopy Room all day – and I like that….)

Did you see two new additions that I added last night? Well, some of you did because you have already ordered them! One customer told me she can “sense” when I put new things up on the website. Oh, she’s good. We have added Colonial Rosewood DPN’s (I love these) and the cutest sheep notecards from my new friend Kelly at Romney Ridge Farm. One day, she’s going to let me come and knit in the pasture with her adorable sheep. That seems like a pretty fitting “loopy” thing to do.

Sheri doesanyonehaveholidayshoppingdone?becauseIhaven’t&I’mstartingtoworry

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