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Time to Decorate. Really.

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, December 1st, 2006 in Sheri's Recipes

DSC00089.JPGI’m having a hard time thinking that Christmas is just around the corner. Anyone else? It’s SO time to decorate. Zoe thinks that the fall decorations are much more fun to play with. (But wait – she hasn’t see the cute Elves Themselves, yet! She’ll love those.) So I’m dragging out the boxes this weekend and I’m stating it in the blog because then I’ll feel obligated to post a picture on Monday to prove that I did it. There’s nothing quite like making your goals known…

Looking forward to seeing your Socks in Trees photos! I also had someone email and say “I don’t have trees. Can I do Socks on Rocks?” The answer is yes – we’ll do a Socks in Trees/Socks on Rocks Photo Gallery – I like it! (Remember – this is photos of any socks that you have knit up from sock yarn you purchased here at The Loopy Ewe. In the email with your photos, please tell me what yarns you have used for each pair of socks you have featured. Also let us know if you want your first and/or last name featured with your photo.) Another photo gallery that I am going to do (because Isobel sent me photos of her knitting room and I loved it) – let’s do a Knitting Nooks Photo Gallery! So, you send me photos of your knitting corner (or knitting room, if you’re lucky enough to have a whole room) and we’ll make a gallery of that, too. I always love seeing other peoples’ knitting spaces. :-) We’ll work on the Galleries (Ok – Web Guy will work on them) over the holidays and we’ll start putting them up in January. I had another fun idea, too. Anyone who contributes will receive one fun “We Love You at The Loopy Ewe” Red Sock Award for each category they contribute to. So you can earn one for contributing one or more photos to Socks in Trees, or you can earn a pair for contributing photos to Socks in Trees plus photos to Knitting Nooks. I know you’ll want a pair, as they’d be fun to put up in your knitting corner, or on a bulletin board, or … anywhere for a knitterly type of decoration. (People need to know you knit socks. They just do.) Should I show a picture of it, or is it more fun to be surprised? They’re cute! I’ll keep track of when you send your first contributions in to either category and earn your award. You can start sending photos now. We’re working on getting the awards all made up, so they will start going out with January orders (or mailed). Isobel – you’ve already earned your pair – but do feel free to send more photos any time. Sharon – you’re earned your Socks one!

DSC00105.JPGField Trip Day was fun! First, Dawn and her daughter Emily stopped in to shop. They had driven in from Springfield, MO (which is about 2 1/2 hours away). I know the first priority was to visit The Loopy Room, and the second was an appt. that they had in St. Louis. :-) Emily had fun playing with Zoe (and entertaining me with her dramatic recitations) while Dawn had fun picking out yarn. DSC00106.JPG Then an hour later, this fun knitting group (Judy, Barb, Bev and Jerri) showed up from Illinois! They were a hoot – made me wish I lived close enough to be in their knitting group (although they assured me that I could drive the 1+ hours to get there.) As you can see, they had fun adding to their knitting stash. Shopping is so much more fun when you have friends egging you on who can ooh and aah over your choices. I see beautiful socks in their future (and another Field Trip to The Loopy Room, too).

Today’s recipe is something that I once had at an airport restaurant and then came home and threw together for us. I love it because you can make all of the parts up ahead of time, and then just toss and serve when you’re ready. Our family loves it and it’s just as good the next day.

DSC00098.JPGPasta Poppyseed Salad

Pasta (I use bow tie and cork screw – about 1/2 box of each)
Fresh Broccoli (2 bunches)
Chicken Breasts (5 or 6, cooked and cubed)
Dried Cherries (can also use cranberries, but the sweetness of the cherries is better)
Whole almonds
Poppyseed Dressing (I use Marzetti’s Poppyseed Dressing)

Mix well and that’s it! (Note – I’m not big on amounts. I just keep tossing things in until it looks like I want it to look.)

602_marrakeshYou all keep snapping up these wonderful Zelda bags and I don’t blame you one bit. It’s hands-down my favorite bag for socks. Just wanted to let you know that I have added more Rainbow Stripe and some Marrakesh, with a few more coming in soon. The Traveler’s Clutch is also fun fun fun for all of your needles/scissors/knitting accessories, so get one to match! I also received a big order from Cherry Tree Hill yesterday, so we’re re-stocked on several colors we were out of.

DSC00107.JPGGuess what today is? SNOW DAY!!! It “iced” all day yesterday and into the evening, and then snowed last night. So we have a lovely layer of ice under all this (and the trees are creaking. It’s weird.) Knitting Daughter and I are having a knitting day. Might need to head to Starbucks for a Peppermint Mocha, first. It’s much too treacherous to get kids to school (thus all the schools around here are closed) but of course it’s never too treacherous to get to Starbucks. Know what I mean?

Sheri lovelovelovethesnowandcold!

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