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A Day Off At The Park

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, December 13th, 2006 in Uncategorized

DSC00146.JPGI took the day off today. Well, I took part of the day off. I got all your orders out first, left for the rest of the day, and now I’ll pack up the new orders – I promise! DSC00161.JPGBut LOOK what I saw today. Beautiful glass sculptures! I met some friends at the Missouri Botanical Garden (on this 60 degree day) and we walked around checking out the blown glass Chihuly exhibit.DSC00163.JPG This stuff is just amazing and it is planted and displayed just about everywhere. I have been “meaning” to get down there to see this. It has been there since last spring, I think. Of course it’s leaving on January 1st, so I made it there in the nick of time. I’m so glad that I did. Have any of you seen his exhibits elsewhere? DSC00160It’s hard to pick a favorite. I liked the floating glass balls in the pools, and the hanging chandelier on the Japanese bridge. The boat full of glass was fun, as were the sunbursts on top of the archways. DSC00150It was also fun to walk through the Climatron and see all different kinds of glass stuck in and out of things in there. There were lots of Chihuly books that you could buy, as well as very expensive bowls. I passed. I would’ve liked a book, but there were too many choices. DSC00157.JPGI’m thinking that College Boy and I will go down there next week while Knitting Daughter finishes up her finals. DSC00148By then, I might be able to make a book decision.

After my wander through the garden (and lunch, of course. You always have to schedule lunch when you’re out with friends), I finished up the Christmas Shopping. I also spent 45 minutes waiting in line at the post office. I had packages that I had to insure and there were 35 (35!!!) people ahead of me. The two men working behind the counter were not affected at all by the sight of their lobby being entirely filled up. I could detect no sense of urgency in their actions. In fact, one took a break while we were there, so for awhile there was just one station open to service customers. I overheard this conversation between two people that made me laugh:

First person: “Hey! How are you doing? Nice to see you! What are you up to today?”
Second person: “Oh, nothing. I just thought I’d spend half the day at the post office.”

Remind me to never ever go to the post office within two weeks of Christmas. Never ever.

DSC00118.JPGI have sure loved reading about all of your traditions. I hope you all have taken the time to read the comments from Monday’s blog post. Some great ideas in there. Here are a few more traditions that we have at our house:

- I always make frosted sugar cookies (and usually have help. Or at least there is always a lot of help in the eating part of it.)
- We always go to church on Christmas Eve and I love that the service ends with a candlelit rendition of Silent Night.
- We always read the Christmas Story at brunch on Christmas Day.
- We still all pile into our bed to open Christmas Stocking presents, first thing in the day.
- We go over to my parents house the day after Christmas for pizza dinner, to celebrate my dad’s birthday! (I know that’s not really a Christmas tradition, but since his birthday is the day after Christmas, it’s all tied in with everything in my memories.)

Now, if only this 60 degree weather would go away and the snow would come, it might actually FEEL like Christmas. I’m waiting.

Sheri alsowaitingfortheUPSguytogetherewithayarndelivery :-) :-)

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