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December Blog Contest Winner

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Monday, December 18th, 2006 in Uncategorized

Thank you again for sharing all of the wonderful holiday traditions that you and your families have. I know that there are a lot of us who picked up ideas for one or two (or ten) new ones! I picked a number out of the hat and the winner of the fun yarn package is: Jan! (no blog attached to Jan, so I can’t send you to “meet” her, unfortunatelyy. Jan – if you have a blog, leave it in the comments for us!)

DSC00279.JPGFact for the day: Did you know this about Starbucks coffee bags? You can hold it horizontally and push both sides in, then smell the aroma of the flavor of beans inside right where the green logo is. Kind of a scratch and sniff, without the scratch part. DSC00280.JPGI have often gone in there and wondered what the difference was in all the names/varieties. Now I can smell the difference. Is that a commonly known little trick and no one ever told me? Knitting Daughter (aka Starbucks Barista) told me. She also brought me a pound of their Anniversary Blend. She’s a good daughter.

Have you seen Wendy’s post on “Knit From Your Stash in 2007″? Well, when I started reading through there, I was already having minor heart palpitations. After all, I DO sell yarn and I would like to keep this business going in 2007. :-) But luckily, as I read the rules, there was a little exception for sock yarn. Specifically, it said “Sock yarn does not count. You think we are made of stone?” Whew! Of course it doesn’t count, because sock yarn doesn’t count as stash. (Need a refresher on those reasons? See my post here.) In light of that, I thought it might be handy to have a little reminder button to go with your “Knit from your stash 2007″ button. (Yes, you’re free to take it and host it on your own website.) You know, just in case you start feeling a little blue about not being able to buy yarn when you look at that first button. Then, you glance to the button below and realize – “Hey – but I CAN buy sock yarn!” Then I want you to hop right over to The Loopy Ewe and shop to your hearts content. We love you here and we’ll do our best to keep you stocked up on wonderful sock yarns throughout “Knit From Your Stash” and beyond! (And just think, when Knit From Your Stash is over, you will also have fun re-supplying that stash from the ground up.)

DSC00281.JPGOn the knitting front – I finished the gift mittens and will now work on finishing the gift socks. Photos will have to wait. College Boy and I are watching Season Five of 24 (while poor Knitting Daughter studies for high school finals and poor Wonder Husband works.) I’m planning on getting in some good knitting time as Jack Bauer saves the world.


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