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It’s Gonna Take a Tall Cup o’ Joe…

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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006 in Uncategorized

DSC00122.JPGIt’s morning. Already. It’s gonna take a tall grande cup o’ joe peppermint mocha to get me going this morning. It might be because I was up until after 2 am, watching “24″ with College Boy. When will I remember that college kids can keep those hours, but I can’t? At least not while Knitting Daughter is still home and leaving for school bright and early. (So of course I’m up to pack her lunch and see her off. Bleary-eyed, but UP, nevertheless.) Someone needs to knock some sense into me. Quickly.

DSC00128.JPGWe’re leaving to go out of town on Saturday morning. Early. 6 am flight. (Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Might as well just not go to bed that night?) I haven’t packed a thing. Truly, I’m much more concerned about what knitting projects I’m taking and making sure I have everything for that, than the actual clothes and other necessities I might need. Or is that just because I’m tired and not thinking clearly? No doubt I will once again severely over-estimate the amount of knitting I will complete, and will take twice as many projects as I need to see me through the week. (Kind of like I delude myself into thinking I can stay up until 2 am over and over, and still function?) I’m also in the process of downloading knitting podcasts, as I haven’t had a second to listen to any of those for over a month. It ought to be a nice vacation. :-)

DSC00134.JPGYesterday was another marathon field trip day for The Loopy Ewe. We had three different sets of knitters in to enhance their personal sock yarn buffets. I should’ve taken pictures. They were all a lot of fun to have here, and they all went away happy (but also wondering how I can possibly live with all of this wonderful yarn, all the time. It’s a chore, let me tell you.) We have fun new stuff arriving while I’m gone, and into the first couple of weeks of January. Poor Wonder Husband will be kept really busy getting the photos taken. Such a good thing that “sock yarn doesn’t count” as I foresee the need to add more of these new yarns to my own sock yarn buffet. I’m thinking I will have severely deplenished my sock stash by the end of my trip and will NEED to add to it when I get back. I’m just wondering how to get all 70 skeins of sock yarn into my luggage so that I can knit them all up next week?

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