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Vacation was just swell….s

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DSC00387.JPGSwells. As in Sea Swells. As in “I don’t like ‘em.” :-( More on that in a minute. But OH am I ever glad to be back. I missed you all!! And it was so fun to come back to so many orders. Glad to know that you didn’t forget about us while we were gone. We spent the whole New Years Day packing them all up, but that was ok. We had had a week off for lounging and were totally ready to get back to work. (I must say, it was nice to have “no mail” today, because instead of a few hours printing off all of your shipping labels late New Years night, we had Family Movie Night instead and I did all of the labels today.) I believe that we’re now all up to date and back on our quick shipping schedule. Big thanks to all of you for your patience in waiting on these orders while we were gone.

Back to the cruise – it was very nice. We left out of Tampa, cruised the Gulf of Mexico (through storm systems that caused tornadoes in Florida the next day – thus the Sea Swells of which I am so fond). In fact, we had to give up our first port of call because the sea was so rough that the port authorities determined it was unsafe for the ship to go up the channel. I tried seasickness pills, but they just made me want to sleep all the time. Instead, I relied on this wonderful gadget and I will tell you that it is worth its weight in gold. I have had it and used it for five years – through stormy seas and turbulent plane flights, and I will never be without it. It also allows me to read in the car on car trips, but of course I’d rather be knitting anyway. :-) If you or anyone in your family is prone to these travel problems, I highly recommend this gadget.

DSC00367.JPGThis is how my diet went, while on the cruise. sigh. We also discovered the most wonderful dessert called Warm Chocolate Melting Cake and it was one of the dessert options every single night. DSC00348.JPGI won’t say how many times we all ordered it. But it was a lot. There were other enticing dessert options, but most nights they weren’t wonderful enough to entice us away from the chocolate cake. We made port stops in Cozumel, Belize, and Grand Cayman, and not a single yarn shop in sight. What is up with that? DSC00340.JPGThis restaurant sign in Cozumel cracked me up. I guess some things just don’t translate well.

DSC00364.JPGIt was interesting to note that they do their fresh fruit presentations just like I do at home. We usually have one of these available at dinner a couple of times a week. They may have copied the idea from me. This fresh fruit tended to cancel out all of the chocolate desserts, which was helpful. DSC00332.JPGThey also have a great way to entertain you with towels each night. I was tempted to buy the book and do this for our visiting guests, but I think that might be overkill at home. (That, or they’d think I was going “Martha” on them, and we can’t have that.)

DSC00350.JPGI’m looking for nice girls for College Boy and Handsome Brother. Anyone interested? Neither of them have expressed any interest in having me find someone nice for them, but what is a mother/sister for, anyway? They’re both nice and tall (6’4″), both geniuses on the computer, both have a great sense of humor, and both think I’m wonderful. I’m sure they do. I’m always on the lookout for them. I actually have a couple of nice girls picked out for College Boy but he has assured me that he’s totally not into the “arranged marriage” theory. Darn.

DSC00405.JPGHere is our favorite knitting spot on the ship. Julia and my mom and I could often be found there in the afternoons, knitting away. Julia was knitting socks out of Hydrangea by Yarn Pirate. My mom was working on socks out of Foxy Lady by Cherry Tree Hill. If we stayed there long enough, they came around and served tea and pastries at 3:30. (What a life.) I saw one gal knitting a sock on the ship – out of Cherry Tree Hill. Of course I went up and talked to her. On the last day, another gal saw me knitting and came over to talk. She had just taken her first sock class and was excited about it! Other than that, NO other knitters? DSC00373.JPGOr maybe I just didn’t see them. But I was surprised. Here’s a question for you – if you are somewhere and see someone knitting, don’t you walk over and chat with them if you have a second and if it appears that you wouldn’t be interrupting them? I always greet fellow knitters and am happy to find them, and I love it when other knitters come up and chat with me, too. I wonder if there were some on the ship that just didn’t stop and say hi. What do you do?

DSC00370.JPGI did get a pair of socks done (for my Sockret Pal, so I have to give them away), as well as one fingerless glove out of Lorna’s Laces Baltic Sea. I thought that colorway name was rather appropriate to be knitting on the open sea. I will share pictures on Friday. The socks were done out of one of our new yarn lines, arriving shortly.

DSC00378.JPGWhich brings this long post to the last couple of things. We have several fun new yarn lines arriving this month, as well as a big shipment to re-stock our Posh cashmere yarn. I will always announce these new arrivals on the blog, so keep an eye out. I know many of these yarns will go fast. I also wanted to give you a heads up on two fun things that I have planned for us in 2007 – with more details to follow in time. The first, is our Loopy Sock Club! DSC00374.JPGI have designed this to be a quarterly sock club because I think that everyone needs a pair of socks for each season. Therefore, you will be getting an exclusive seasonal colorway and pattern, four times in the next year. We are starting with the summer socks, and it will ship out to you in May so that you have time to finish it for summer wear. Each “season” will come to you ahead of time like that. I’m also excited to tell you that Lisa Parker (my very favorite sock pattern designer – you all have bought many of her Wildhorse Farm patterns) will be designing the patterns for our sock club. The exclusive yarns themselves will be done up by some of our wonderful indie dyers (as well as one by Claudia, of Claudia Handpainted – just for us). It’s going to be a great Sock Club and I hope you will join when we open it up in mid-March. Stay tuned to the blog. Just wanted to let you know that it’s in the works. Spots will be limited.

DSC00372.JPGThe other fun thing I have planned, is the Quarterly Loopy Challenge. Each quarter, I’ll put out a sock challenge for you just to keep you on your toes. We’ll have a section in the blog for photos of the completed projects, and there will be drawings and prizes! I’ll give you the first quarter’s challenge next week. Speaking of the photo section of the blog – Web Guy tells me mid-January for our Sock Gallery and Knitting Spot Gallery. Apparently there were more pressing web issues to be dealt with while he was home for break. So we’ll have to stay on top of him to make sure that gets done. He is back at school – as of yesterday – for J-Term. They take one class (several hours a day) for 3 weeks. It leaves plenty of time for college fun, and website work on the side. :-) Keep sending me your socks-in-trees/rocks/bushes, and your knitting spot photos.

DSC00369.JPGWhew. What a long post. It’s rather apparent that I missed talking to you all! Leave me a comment and tell me all of the fun knitting things you completed while I was gone. (Or your favorite knitting gift that you received – I’d love to read about those, too!)

(Note: additional dessert photos shared for your entertainment, for your own dessert-making inspiration, to help you with all of your New Year’s diet resolutions, to show how overboard I went on the amazing desset photos, to show why I am not responsible for any possible weight gain that may have transpired during the week that I was gone.)

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