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A Three Things Post

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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007 in Three Things

Well, I have done a Four Things post before, so this is a three things post. :-)

Three questions I have been hearing from you:

1. Are you going to have the new Opal Rainforest Collection? YES! I happened to be on the computer when the email came through that Rainforest was ready for ordering, and I responded in about 2 seconds. We will have it up as soon as we get it in.

2. Are you going to carry Apple Laine yarns? YES! A couple of you have been after me for awhile on this line, and then after Wonderful Wendy blogged about it last week, even more of you emailed about it. Our order is on its way from Canada and we will get it up as soon as it comes in.

DSC00489.JPG3. Who is your next new indie-dyer going to be? YES! (oh, wait. I am getting carried away.) Our newest indie dyer is …. still a secret. But I am completely nuts over her yarn. I have my first sock almost done and I am even going to finish the second sock pretty quickly because I love it so much! Does anyone want to guess who it is? Her colors are vibrant and amazing, and I love the yarn base. Plus – her skeins all come with a Swarovski crystal stitch marker to match the yarn. We anticipate this in the end of February!

Three new yarn lines arriving in the next week or two:1. J-Knits 2. Scarlet Fleece 3. Apple Laine

DSC00514.JPGThree of my favorite new things this week:

1. This adorable bunny named “Em” who arrived from Julie in the UK. Julie knits these and sells them here, but you have to be lucky enough to be there when she puts them up. (You can ask to be on her email list. I’m just warning you, I want a monkey next, so don’t beat me out of that one!!)

2. The new Bees Knees patterns that arrived yesterday. Adorable childrens’ sweaters that are knit out of self-patterning sock yarns and solids. (Try Jigsaw, Regia, Online Euro, and Opal self-striping yarns for these!)

3. The new shipping label system that Wonder Husband found online and College Boy/Web Guy set up on the website. It cuts my “printing mailing labels” time by about 75% and that means I can fill more orders for you more quickly! :-) (Well maybe it just means I can start getting to bed earlier and not be up printing labels so late.)

Three MORE yarn orders arriving in the next week or two:

1. Crystal Palace Panda Cotton (contains no wool – you have been asking for this!)
2. Yarn Pirate solid colors in a wonderful BFL yarn base
3. All Things Heather in her regular sock base (solids and mixed)

Three things I’m currently knitting:

1. My Frank socks. Sock #1 is done, sock #2 is 1/2 done. (But remember – the Loopy Q1 Challenge runs through the end of March. I have time.) Then I was waylaid this weekend by ….
2. That new yarn pictured above. I HAD to knit it up. Sock #1 is almost done. Pictures later. (And as Loopy friend Josiane points out, “Who says your Frank socks have to match?” Good point. Maybe I’ll wear one of each.)
3. My log cabin blanket. I’m finding the long strips are not nearly as much fun to knit as the short ones were.

Three big re-stock orders arriving in February:

1. Lornas Laces (regular colorways, brand new colorways, and lots of great new solids)
2. Fleece Artist (her regular yarn base, plus some fun kits)
3. Sweet Georgia (the “chefs surprise orders begin – watch for unique colorways!)

Three of your favorite things back in stock as of today:

1. Sock Blocker Keychains by the awesome Debbie
2. Loopy, Louise and Bart Stitchmarkers by the incredible Katie
3. StitchKeepers by the wonderful Rollie

Three animal facts for the day:
1. Zoe’s favorite daytime napping place is in a suitcase in the basement.
2. My UPS man brings Casey a dog treat every time he delivers a package. Casey can hear the truck coming a mile away.
3. Last fall I was so ticked off at the squirrels who kept eating off of the birdfeeders that I banged the window to scare them off and …. um …. broke it. How did I break the news to WH? “Honey? The good news is that I scared the squirrels away.”

Now – what three things would you like to tell me today? :-)

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