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Oh good grief. I think you’re right.

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Wednesday, February 7th, 2007 in Sheri's Top Tens

Remember when I took 150 people into our first ever Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club? Several of you said (with affection and humor…. I think …..) that I was nuts? And I assured you that it was all well (albeit quickly) thought out and we’d be fine? Well. After putting up a few new yarn lines on Monday and then having a taste of getting soooo many orders out in a day, I think you’re right. I’m afraid that I might be a little nuts. (Never fear – I have a whole list of reasons why the Sock Club is going to be so much easier, not the least of which is that we will have plenty of time to assemble the kits. And oooooohhh – I have the first skeins of the summer colorway of yarn and I LOVE IT! But I digress.)

Today’s post will be a top ten list of proof that our whole family may be just a little nuts from the wool fumes:

1. The Head Loopy (that would be me) thinks that 150 people in a Sock Club for our first year is just a fine idea. Totally do-able.

2. Wonder Husband mentioned the other night at dinner that he likes “fingering weight” spaghetti noodles, while the rest of us like “sport weight” noodles.

DSC00522.JPG3. Cute Little Zoe has resorted to sitting on the heat registers and burning her toes in a quest to get warm, because Head Loopy has not had time to order her a Cozy Cushion like her friend Lucy has. (Note – I ordered it this week when I saw her sitting there and licking one paw and then the other to cool them off as they heated up. jeez.)

4. College Boy aka Web Guy knows several Loopy customers by first name. (As in, “Did you see the fun stuff that Sharon bought today?” or “Ha – Wendy and L-B’s comments on the blog were funny!” or …. well, you get the gist.)

5. Everyone cheers when the UPS guy brings boxes of yarn to our house. (Even the dog, who always gets a dog biscuit from the UPS guy when he stops here.)

DSC00524.JPG6. Casey The Dog has resorted to sitting longingly at the top of the steps and whining while we’re packing up orders in the Loopy Room. Maybe I ought to knit her a dog sweater.

7. Wonder Husband might finally be believing me when I say that knitting socks counts as WORK time, because I have to experience all of this wonderful yarn and show it on the blog. He no longer thinks that I’m just sitting there “relaxing” and watching a movie with Knitting Daughter. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. :-)

8. Knitting Daughter comes home from her shift as a Starbucks Barista and then puts in a shift of packing Loopy orders (which she claims is fun, so I’m going to believe her on that one.)

9. Everyone has strong opinions on which yarn line they like the best. Knitting Daughter likes Yarn Pirate, Wonder Husband likes anything with beautiful, muted colors that are easier to color correct on the computer photos, and College Boy … well, ok. He doesn’t have a favorite yarn. But I bet he will by the end of the summer when he has lived with it for several months!

10. We all have fun making The Loopy Ewe a place that you can come visit and enjoy often, and there’s nothing nuts about that!

Sheri makingValentinecookiestodaysothatIcansharetherecipewithyouonFriday!

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