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There are so many fun needlearts out there, and I was thinking back on all of the things that I have done, this past weekend. It might’ve had something to do with cleaning out basement shelves and coming across a ridiculous amount of cross-stitch materials that I’m fairly sure I’ll never use again. I thought I’d share with you what I used to do, and you can share with me what other needlearts you have done or still do.

I started with knitting. I took a stab at it in junior high and I remember the ugly maroon scarf that grew in width as I worked on it. I also remember the ugly yellow and green sweater that my mom cast on for me. I knitted the body, and she did the arms and finished it up. I don’t ever remember wearing it. Then in high school I was in a production of “To Kill A Mockingbird.” It was a BIG part. I was a member of the jury in the courtroom. I also had a side-part as a wandering towns-person. My line (that’s singular) was, “Yonder are some townfolk.” Like I said, it was a big part. But what does this have to do with knitting? I had to sit and knit in the courtroom. I guess that made me look like a typical town lady doing jury duty. I think I was knitting with that same ugly maroon yarn and I’m pretty sure whatever I made was thrown away after the play. The knitting bug never stuck back then.

DSC00535.JPGIn college I moved on to counted cross-stitch and was a huge fan of that for years and years. Here’s a picture of the quickest thing I could find for a photo today. :-) DSC00536.JPGI cross-stitched for enjoyment, and I cross-stitched for pay. For several years, I stitched many cover models for the Cross-Eyed Cricket Collection. Here is a picture of my very first leaflet – I did the stitching on the denim jumper. I think I stitched for 25 or more of these leaflets and I always thought the best part of that was getting the leaflet for free. I would’ve bought it anyway. Very nice gals to work for. I don’t know how they keep coming up with designs, several times a year. It was fun to be at the TNNA Market this summer, and find their booth! We had a good time catching up.

DSC00533.JPGMy next hobby in the needlearts was needlepointing. I liked this a lot, as there were no charts to follow and everything came out so great looking. What I didn’t like was how costly it was to have it finished off. Yikes! I kept thinking how much less I’d be spending if it were cross-stitching, but I was enjoying the needlepointing too much. I think I have two or three belts that are done but not “finished off”. Oh well. I enjoyed doing them. I will probably do more needlepointing someday.

And then of course, came the knitting again. I started back up because a friend was doing it and I thought, “Hey – I used to do that!” I went out and bought the “Teach Yourself How to Knit” book and just couldn’t get the hang of it. Finally I realized the problem. It was teaching me how to knit by throwing the yarn, and I had learned (ooooh so many years ago) by picking the yarn. I made the switch and it was as easy as pie. Isn’t that funny that after all those years, my brain remembered the other way and refused to learn a new method?

I have also tried my hand at quilting (which I enjoyed briefly) and sewing (which I enjoyed a little longer than briefly), but not rughooking. There is a nice rug hooking/knitting store in town, and the rug patterns look very enticing. But I am not adding another thing to my plate. At least not until I have knit up my sock stash. :-)

So – I’m interested in hearing which different areas you have tried and enjoyed. Is knitting your favorite? Or something else? And have you evolved from one to another, or do you just keep adding more in and keeping the old hobbies, too?

Sheri gladthatIhavesettledonknittingandnotplanningtomoveawayfromthisone!

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