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Search Engine Idiosyncrasies

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2007 in Loopy, Shop News

I had to look up how to spell idiosyncrasies – and it still doesn’t look right, but my Webster’s says it is. More on that in a moment…..

I’ve had a great time reading all of your knitting tips! I’m pulling out some of my pretty crystal vases and using them for needles. (And I loved the tip about using your first spinning bits for the bottom of it. Except that I’m avoiding spinning for as long as possible. I’m afraid that I will love it and there is no time in the day for it now.) I like that the tips ranged from actual technique tips, to organizing tips, to …. well, pretty much all over the board. Keep adding to them. And I would love for some of you to take photos of your storage/organizing systems for our “Knitting Nooks & Storage Ideas” gallery. That would be fun. Several of you commented on the fact that you write everything down in a notebook. That’s exactly where the idea for Loopy’s Knit Notes for Socks came from. I was writing things down and just wanted a nicer little book with fill-in-the-blanks on part of the page so that I wasn’t re-writing the same things over and over. Of course there is plenty of space that is blank as well, for adding any other details. Thank you for all of your great tips – I knew you’d rise to the challenge!

Today’s topic – Search Engines. I was perusing the list of things that people had typed into Search Engines (like G**gle) that brought them to The Loopy Ewe. It shows what the word or phrase was, and how many people, using that phrase, have then clicked on The Loopy Ewe and come for a visit to the website. So – there is something on the website or in the blog that makes the search engine think that THIS is a viable option for what they are looking for. Here are just a few that I jotted down. Some are understandable, and some just left me scratching my head:

- “how to put perm rods in your husband’s hair”

- “loopy people photos”

- “How much is too much front loading washing machines”

- “How many shots in a venti Starbucks”

- “Ugly foot contest”

- “Grey wool birkenstock clog”

- “Chocolate covered strawberies longevity”

- “Purchase 12 silver bed and bathroom door knobs”

- “What pan size do you use for St. Louis Gooey Butter Cake”

- “Vera Bradley recipes corn salad”

- “martha frank”

- “life with loopy”

- “college fun movie”

- “for what did they eat colonial peanut butter fudge”

Search Engines are handy, but they’re also a bit weird, aren’t they? Just makes you wonder. (And if any of the above have meanings that I don’t know, then I don’t want to know. Ok?)

In Loopy News – more yarn is expected this week and next (and we’ll put them up when we get them photo-ed). Yes, I have one more Sweet Georgia order coming in, but it’s small. About 1/3 the size of our regular Sweet Georgia orders. (The size and colors were up to Felicia this time, so I have no idea what colors we’re getting.) I don’t anticipate putting that up until the first or second week in March – it hasn’t arrived yet. I do have some fun accessories coming in that you’ll like, and I have two more indie-dyers that I made plans with this week, who will show up later in the spring. More Scarlet Fleece shipped yesterday, and more Apple Laine is on the way as well. We’re always watching out for you and your knitting needs!

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