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Miss Lime Gets Loopy

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, March 12th, 2007 in Uncategorized

DSC00579.JPGRemember me telling you that I was having a fun visitor to The Loopy Room on Friday? It was none other than Miss Lime herself (of the famous Lime & Violet podcast). If you’re a regular listener, you know they have threatened to camp out on my front lawn (ha!). It turns out that St. Louis was on the way between Nebraska and Florida, which is the roadtrip that Miss Lime is taking. Of course she made a stop to The Loopy Room! (She brought her sweet dog Alex. Zoe was most un-amused and behaved in a less than gracious way. She hissed and growled at Alex.) It was fun to talk yarn and socks and knitting in person and she even got first pick of the new All Things Heather and Cider Moon Glacier yarns that have newly arrived. (Nope – not up on the website yet. Pictures have not been taken due to WH flying the coop. He’s back. :-) He’ll be photo-ing tonight and tomorrow.) So – I did manage to talk Miss Lime into a photo for the blog. You know, pictures of those two are few and far between, so I was honored that she consented. (You can see her dog Alex trying to scoot behind her. We couldn’t get him to pose for the photo. I’m on the right in the photo, Miss Lime is on the left). Now I’ll just have to listen in on the podcast to see what she reports back about. (I did find myself saying, “Well, we’re doing “this” and “that” …. and working on “that” and “the other” – but don’t put that on the podcast yet – it’s still a secret!” a few times. Oooh – I hope she remembers.) Miss Violet? Now it’s your turn to come visit.

Girls Weekend was a lot of fun! We watched movies and did plenty of knitting and hung out. I’m so glad that Knitting Daughter still likes to hang out with me. I can’t get used to the fact that she’ll be off to college in a year and a half. That’s such a bummer. We were shopping on Friday and I said, “Oh, Honey. What am I gonna do without you to shop with when you go off to college??” and she said, “Mom! You say that every time we go shopping now!” sigh. Having them grow up and leave home is what is supposed to happen, right? It’s a good thing? It’s the way things are meant to work? I don’t like it. I made good progress on my Louet lace socks. Photo later in the week. (Half of our Louet order is due to arrive tomorrow and I’ll get those up asap. Might have a few new things up tomorrow night. Not that that is an announcement or anything. Heaven forbid.)

That’s all for today. Lots of order to pack this morning and it seems as if I’m always racing my postman! :-)

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