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More Signs of Spring

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, April 2nd, 2007 in Shop News

Week Two of Spring Break! College Boy arrived home last Friday, just in time for dinner. I’ve already been keeping him busy with website issues. (Not to mention that all four of us – WH, KD, CB and I – were up packing orders for all of you until after midnight, his first night home. Oh, we were having a grand time! But no one would let me photo it.) Wait until you see the new feature he has been working on for The Loopy Ewe website – it’s fun! But that will come later in the week.

For now – more signs of spring:

Lilacs are blooming (my very favorite flower).

Bleeding Hearts are blooming.

Zoe is snoozing on the back porch. (Sometimes she curls up like a cat, other times she stretches out like a dog, trying to catch every bit of sunshine on her body.)

Finally, a big warm Loopy Ewe hug and welcome to the following Loopy Groupies who have joined the group in the last month and a half. You reach Loopy Groupie status when you have placed your 6th order with us. You will be receiving a Loopy Groupie gift bag from us, in addition to advance notice of website updates and specials every once in awhile when we come up with something fun. We love the Loopy Groupies!! Congratulations to these new members: Jana in WA, Martha in D.C., Karen in MN, Karin in ON, Canada, Nora in MA, Jessica in CA, Kathryn in PA, Amy in VA, Rebecca in MI, Robin in SC, Melissa in VA, Katrina in OR, Trish in ID, Sandra in TN, Jill in ID, Nancy in NJ, Michael in D.C., Nancy in MO, Sarah in CA, Alice in VA, Susan in CA, Marsha in WV, Gay in OH, Ruth Ann in OK, Belinda in FL, Patti in CA, Carol in AK, Colleen in KS, Leanne in CO, Lynn in CT, Jeneane in AB, Canada, Tamara in VA, Bronwyn in TN, Mary in CO, Jackie in MO, Miranda in MD, Jennifer in OR, Hariamrit in TN, Chawne in PA, Carina in IN, Hillis in NC, Laura in MS, AnnaMarie in ID, Dawne in Manitoba, Canada, Carol in CA, Ann in OH, Nicole in MN, Susan in IN, Beth in GA, Terri in KS, Kelly in VA, Anita in CO, Theo in OR, Dallas in OR, Kellie in New Zealand, Diane in CA, Ronni in Ca, Jeannie in CA, Tan in UT, Lisa in ME, Wanda in AR, Laurie in OH, Mia in NC, Claire in GA, Sarah in FL, Claudia in CT, Terry in CO, Wendy in MA, Elizabeth in IA, Alyson in FL, and Ana in WI. (Whew – and THAT is why I need to do this monthly instead of every 6 weeks!)

I’ll leave you with a photo of just some of the new yarns that we are working hard to photograph this week, so that we can do a fun, big shop update for you next week! (Well, actually there are more boxes, but I got to looking at the growing pile on the floor and decided that this was all that I wanted to pick up. So multiply this by a few.)


Sheri moreyarnisduetoarrivethisweek,sothispilewillgrow&grow

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