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Gone, gone, gone

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Monday, April 9th, 2007 in Loopy Challenges, Shop News

DSC00621.JPGGone: the heads off of the chocolate sheep from yesterday. (Because of course here at The Loopy Ewe we have chocolate sheep, not chocolate bunnies. If there had been bunnies, the ears would be gone.)

Gone: College Boy, heading back up to college in Indiana. We had such a great time with him at home. So sad to have him go back. The good news is that in just a few weeks – ok, 38 days – he will be back for the summer. That makes us happy!

Gone: The pretty flowers that came out in the spring-like weather last week, but froze themselves into oblivion in the 20 degree weather that seemed to come out of nowhere over the weekend. At least I was able to get a few bunches of lilacs before they froze.

But making me feel a lot better (about everything except College Boy):

DSC00625.JPGA sock gift! Sweet Hariamrit submitted her beautiful Miss Match socks to the photo gallery and I thought they were such a fun idea. So I emailed her back and said, “Cute! I need to make some of those.” She responded that she’d love to make them for me if I wanted to send her the yarn. (Seriously – I thought she must be kidding. It still amazes me when people make socks and give them to other people. I know how much work goes into each pair!) So these beauties arrived last week and have already been worn. They’re out of the Louet Sport and I think I need to make most of my winter socks out of sport weight from now on. They are SO warm and comfortable. Isn’t she wonderful for sending me socks?

DSC00626.JPGA new indie dyer! I have a whole wonderful batch of Chewy Spaghetti here in-house. I quickly picked out this pretty spring color and knit up my first sock in the pair. I loved working with it and I love how it turned out. All of our Chewy Spaghetti colors will go up in next week’s shop update and you definitely will want to pick some out for yourself.

This week’s update! Not today – but sometime this week – I’m doing a “Sneak Up”. What is that? It’s when I don’t announce a specific time and date for the shop update (which tends to incite mass hysteria at times) and instead I just sneak up the new yarns. I did do a mini Sneak Up over the weekend. Have you seen the new Regia Silk Colors I added? Check out the current edition of Knitty for a beautiful pattern with the Regia Silk. I also added some fun Regia Stretch colors to our stock. But I digress. Back to this week’s Sneak Up. We have oodles of Fleece Artist in the regular sock base, as well as Fleece Artist in the new Sea Wool sock base. We also have gorgeous colors of Cider Moon going up. I already shared the repeat colors with you the week before last, but saved all of these new colors for this week. Here is a little peak of what will be up at The Loopy Ewe soon. I could only show you a couple of shelves of each….


We also have really cool stuff arriving every week that I have been keeping from you. Can you believe it? I’m waiting for a few more orders to arrive and then I’ll put it all up at once. I can’t wait to share it with you. Fun stuff to look forward to!

We have winners in the first Loopy Ewe Quarterly Challenge! The random “pick a name out of the hat” winner of a $25 Loopy Gift Certificate is: Alison L with her Sock Thief socks. And the winner of the Knitter’s Choice Award (and thanks to SO many of you for voting!) and also receiving a $25 Loopy Gift Certificate is: Alyson W with her “Martha, to me anyway” socks. It was fun seeing all of your submissions for the Loopy Q1 Challenge!

Did anyone knit up anything fun over the weekend? I have a couple more socks almost done that I’ll be sharing soon. Both from NEW lines that we’re adding. :-)

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