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I know what I said but I changed my mind…

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Monday, April 16th, 2007 in Shop News

DSC00630.JPGYou know my Sunday knitting plans included finishing up my Yarn Love sock and casting on with Duets. That was the plan. But something arrived on Friday afternoon that changed my plan. A couple of big boxes from Claudia Hand Painted that contained our exclusive new Claudia colorway – Peppermint Mocha. :-) Of course I felt the need to cast on immediately, to “see how it knits up”. I love it! I almost did the toe and then cast on the second sock toe – just to go back to my old way of knitting where I did two socks at the same time. But then I remembered all of the other new yarns that we have coming in that I need to knit up, and, well…… I just kept going on this one. What do you think about our new colorway?

DSC00628.JPGI did manage to finish up my Yarn Love sock (in the Romance colorway) over the weekend as well. I like this yarn base and had fun watching the colors weave themselves in and out. There are some beautiful colorways in the batch that we’ll be putting up this week. I might need to take a couple more out for my own stash before putting them up. Knitting time was good this weekend. Poor WH asked Knitting Daughter and I to go to the Botanical Gardens yesterday because it was such a nice day. KD looked at him perplexed and said, “But it’s our knitting day!” Needless to say, we stayed home to knit.

Updated list for the Sneak Up this week: Yarn Love, Chewy Spaghetti, Lorna’s Laces Sport, Scarlet Fleece, and Apple Laine. (Yes, we’re excited to have more Apple Laine in-house!) Next week’s tentative list: Yarn Pirate, all of the lace yarns, and anything else that comes in, because we’re expecting lots. Speaking of lace, I’m so glad that all of you approve of that addition to The Loopy Ewe! Really, it has been hard not spilling the beans on it, so I’m glad the secret is out. Even though we have several lines going up next week, we have more on order and will continue to add to what we carry in lace.

There is a bit of site maintenance that will take place tomorrow morning, so the website will be down temporarily for a few hours. (Had to schedule it on a “light day of classes” for Web Guy who is also known as College Boy, so that he can be available to do it and then tweak as necessary.) Just wanted to let you know ahead of time that it is a planned event and it will be back up by Tuesday afternoon. Also, for all of you who are in our Sock Club, watch for your email notice this weekend, giving you details on payment for the first shipment. Those are scheduled to go out the first or second week of May and we can’t wait!

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