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I saw it on Wendy’s blog….

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Friday, April 20th, 2007 in Sheri's Recipes

DSC00646.JPGRefrigerator doors are interesting. Is yours full or spotless? Wendy posted a picture of her fridge this week, and I thought it was a good blog-bit. Here is our refrigerator. (Note #1: I threw away the expired pizza coupons after this photo. We never use them. Why do I save them? Note #2: Twinless socks as refrigerator art – also a Wendy idea. In fact, maybe I had to go take a new picture of my fridge with a sock on it, once she planted that idea in my head. Just maybe.) I think all of you ought to put fridge photos in your blogs, too. Send me a link if you do – I’d love to see them! Our refrigerator gets covered with photos of friends and family every December, because that’s where we put the card photos. That’s my favorite refrigerator month. I do have one friend who covers her fridge with photos all the time. Interestingly enough, she makes sure there are plenty up there of my family when we go visit them. But I’m not fooled. I know she puts the “real” ones back up when we leave. Right, Janice?

It has been fun sending out packages to you from the Sneak Up this week! I just have to say – you all amaze me. You know we order a BIG whopping lot of yarn from our vendors all the time, to keep you yarn-happy. But even so, I ordered even MORE of the Peppermint Mocha because …. well …. because I wanted a lot of it in-house and I knew you’d like it too. And it still sold out in 3 hours. I called Claudia to tell her and she was as speechless as I was. (Because she knows how much I ordered!) We had a moment of silent appreciation for all of you. {{hugs!}} And then I ordered a bucketload more.

Sock Club notices have been sent out and thanks to all of you for turning around and getting those paid for quickly. There are a few emails which must’ve changed and I’m trying to track those down. If you had an email from me that you got into the sock club back a couple of months ago when we had signups, and you have not received an email from us: first, check your spam folder. If it’s not there, email me about it and we’ll get the address fixed. (For those of you on the waiting list, I did get to order a few extra skeins and will be contacting some of you to add you in for the year – yeehaa!).

Today’s recipe is one that my mom brought us for dinner this week. We started to eat and then I jumped up and said, “Wait! Let me take a photo for the blog!” I’m just sure that some people at the table – namely my family – rolled their eyes while I was getting the camera. (“Why does all of our food have to be blog-photoed?”) This one is delicious.

DSC00632.JPGAlpine Chicken

4 cups cooked chicken breasts

2 cups Croutons

2 cups Shredded Swiss Cheese

1 cup chopped Celery

1/2 chopped Onion,

1 cup Mayonnaise

Salt & Pepper to taste.

Mix all ingredients and place in greased 9×9 inch pan. (or double for 9 x 13)

Bake at 350ยบ for 30 minutes, or until it bubbles

Just in case you’re interested, it looks like next week’s Sneak Up will include: all of our lace, Yarn Pirate, Schaefer Anne and Lola, Perchance to Knit, and Seacoast Panda. But that all does depend on how many photos WH can get done over the weekend…..

Sheri muchyarntounboxandputawaythisweekendinpreparationfornextweek!

Twinless Socks? No problem.

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Wednesday, April 18th, 2007 in Sheri's Top Tens

As most of you know, I have a wee problem with twinless socks. To that end, I have found OTHER uses for them, because it’s apparent that they will never become a pair.

Flower Pot
Bunny bed
Candle holder
Water bottle holder
Golf club cover
Needle case
Shampoo dispenser
Remote holder

Pretty good use of twinless socks, wouldn’t you say? So I’m using them creatively. OR – I’m going to embark upon an adventure called “Summer of the Second Sock” – SOTSS – and finish up a match to these about every 2-3 weeks throughout the summer. Actually, at that rate, it will turn into FOTSS as well, but that’s ok. At least I have a plan. Maybe before winter hits, I’ll have 20 new PAIRS of socks …. and will have made more twinless ones in the meantime. So, did I miss any good uses of twinless socks? And did you miss the Sneak Up today?

Sheri whoreallyISdeterminedtomakematchestoallofthesesocks

I know what I said but I changed my mind…

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Monday, April 16th, 2007 in Shop News

DSC00630.JPGYou know my Sunday knitting plans included finishing up my Yarn Love sock and casting on with Duets. That was the plan. But something arrived on Friday afternoon that changed my plan. A couple of big boxes from Claudia Hand Painted that contained our exclusive new Claudia colorway – Peppermint Mocha. :-) Of course I felt the need to cast on immediately, to “see how it knits up”. I love it! I almost did the toe and then cast on the second sock toe – just to go back to my old way of knitting where I did two socks at the same time. But then I remembered all of the other new yarns that we have coming in that I need to knit up, and, well…… I just kept going on this one. What do you think about our new colorway?

DSC00628.JPGI did manage to finish up my Yarn Love sock (in the Romance colorway) over the weekend as well. I like this yarn base and had fun watching the colors weave themselves in and out. There are some beautiful colorways in the batch that we’ll be putting up this week. I might need to take a couple more out for my own stash before putting them up. Knitting time was good this weekend. Poor WH asked Knitting Daughter and I to go to the Botanical Gardens yesterday because it was such a nice day. KD looked at him perplexed and said, “But it’s our knitting day!” Needless to say, we stayed home to knit.

Updated list for the Sneak Up this week: Yarn Love, Chewy Spaghetti, Lorna’s Laces Sport, Scarlet Fleece, and Apple Laine. (Yes, we’re excited to have more Apple Laine in-house!) Next week’s tentative list: Yarn Pirate, all of the lace yarns, and anything else that comes in, because we’re expecting lots. Speaking of lace, I’m so glad that all of you approve of that addition to The Loopy Ewe! Really, it has been hard not spilling the beans on it, so I’m glad the secret is out. Even though we have several lines going up next week, we have more on order and will continue to add to what we carry in lace.

There is a bit of site maintenance that will take place tomorrow morning, so the website will be down temporarily for a few hours. (Had to schedule it on a “light day of classes” for Web Guy who is also known as College Boy, so that he can be available to do it and then tweak as necessary.) Just wanted to let you know ahead of time that it is a planned event and it will be back up by Tuesday afternoon. Also, for all of you who are in our Sock Club, watch for your email notice this weekend, giving you details on payment for the first shipment. Those are scheduled to go out the first or second week of May and we can’t wait!

Sheri Ihaveaplanformytwinlesssocks-I’lltellyouaboutitonWednesdayDoyouhavetwinlesssocks?

Loopy goes lace-y!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, April 13th, 2007 in Shop News

We have been busy around here the past couple of months, secretly collecting the most beautiful lace yarns that we could find. Solids, variegateds, silk, cashmere, merino – you name it, we have found it. We were going to wait until it ALL came in to tell you about it, but we’re simply bursting at the seams with wonderful lace yarn and we wanted you to know about it now! We’re targeting the week after next to put it all up on the website. In the meantime, I thought you might want to start planning some of your next lace projects and these teaser pictures might help.

We will be stocking all of the colors of Rowan KidSilk Haze (half are in-house already, the other ones on backorder and hopefully coming soon), many many colors of Cashwool by Baruffa (simply the softest solid-colored extra-fine merino I have ever held), Helen’s Lace by Lorna’s Laces in 10 gorgeous colors, 2-ply cashmere by Hand Maiden (that I am SO making bed socks out of, too), Schaefer Andrea (100% silk, 100% amazing), and Sea Silk by Hand Maiden in limited edition 150g hanks. Plus – we will be adding in even more lace by some of your favorite indie-dyers in the weeks and months to come. It has been fun searching out wonderful lace yarns for you, and hard keeping it a secret! A huge thank you goes out to Wendy, who has acted as my lace consultant on this whole project. You KNOW that she knows lace! So take a look at these photos:

rowansilk farebarsilk
lornasilk handmaidsilk
schandreasilk1 handmsilk

DSC00627.JPGAnd just so you don’t think we’re moving even a SMIDGEON away from sock yarns (because we aren’t in the least), here is a picture of another indie-dyer that we are delighted to have coming to The Loopy Ewe in June. Angela has created the wonderfully popular Duets Sock Yarn line, where she pairs beautiful colorways with coordinating solids for the toes and heels. I’m hoping to cast on with this one over the weekend. We have lots and lots of Duets on order, just for you. :-)

More yarns doing a Sneak Up next week – Chewy Spaghetti, Scarlet Fleece, Yarn Love, Lorna’s Laces Sport and possibly more. The boxes keep getting bigger as they are delivered here. This week, the UPS guy came and I opened the door just as he was getting back into his truck. There were several boxes on my porch, but one of them was the size of a washing machine. I tried to lift it and it would.not.budge. I yelled out to him, “I can’t lift this!” He said, “Yeah it’s really really heavy – over 120 pounds. Do you want me to put it inside for you?” “Ummm…. yes. I do. Definitely.”

Heading our way: Seacoast, Zen String, sKNITches, Yarn Pirate, Yarntini, Apple Laine, Perchance to Knit and of course new surprises. Keep a watch on our “Coming Soon” section of the homepage for clues on future Sneak Ups.

Sheri wholovesshoppingfornewyarnsforallofus

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