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Monday, May 28th, 2007 in Shop News

sockmay28We had a great (long) weekend. I love long weekends. I think my favorite part is Sunday night, when we’re not having to get ready for going back to the working world the next day! (Except for Knitting Daughter, who ended up with a shift at Starbucks today. That was a good excuse to go down there for a Peppermint Mocha for myself.) I knitted and loved it. Do you like this Woolly Boully sock? The pattern is Parting Ways from Heartstrings. The colorway is Autumn Tremblings and it was my favorite until the others arrived in huge boxes from Jenny. sockmay28aNow I have several favorites. I also worked on my Sockapalooza Pal’s socks. We all know that I have a bit of a problem with Twinless Socks (and I did discover why – more on that later.) So for this one, I am knitting both at the same time (a la Dr. Jackie!). I’m making good progress on them and I love how they’re turning out. I’m using Scarlet Fleece and it’s making me want to knit a pair of Scarlet Fleece socks for myself. I love the way it knits up. I can’t decide whether to show a picture of these on the blog, or not. Why? DSC00717.JPGBecause it just so happens that one of YOU will be getting these. Yes, my Sockapalooza pal is a blog reader and Loopy friend. However, you don’t know who you are. So what do you think? Show the socks or not? Guess what Zoe and Casey did today? Zoe took an extended nap in one of her favorite napping places – the back porch. DSC00718.JPG(The dark chair pads get a bit warm in the heat, thus the lighter colored towel on the chair. Is she spoiled,

or what?) Casey was left in charge of watching the website today, and promptly fell asleep on the job. sigh.

Sunday was a marathon Lost TV day. Knitting Daughter and I were about 7 or 8 episodes behind, so we watched them all, along with WH and College Guy. Wow. The season finale? Wow. I can’t believe that I have to wait until next January to see the continuation of all that. There is much explaining to be done! (And here I thought that maybe Lost was losing a bit of its luster. Not anymore. I think next season is going to be good. Jack seems to have screwed himself up good.)

I have loved reading your “what day would you like to re-live” stories. Susan P. made an interesting comment: “Isn’t it interesting that most of these moments are not about what happened but rather who they happened with: my mom, my dad, my kids, my husband, my best friend. Life is only about relationships.” I had thought the same thing as I read through your wonderful comments and memories. Keep posting them – I won’t be doing the contest drawing until Monday – and plus, I just enjoy reading them. :-)

I promised a yarn update this week, since many of you have been emailing to say, “Are you getting this??” And the answer is frequently “Yes, we are!” But do feel free to keep asking. Once in awhile you tell me about a new yarn that I have not even heard of and off I go to investigate it! So here are the answers to the questions people have been emailing about: yes, we have all of the colors of Dream in Color’s Smooshy Sock Yarn on order and they will be here mid-June, I anticipate. (I’m looking forward to meeting up with Veronica and her husband at TNNA this weekend, at their special reception. It was fun talking with her a couple of weeks ago and hearing their company story, when I ordered all that yarn!) Yes, we have more Hand Maiden Cashmere coming in, and yes, we have more Sea Silk on order. (Plus, I bought up all the rest of their 150g skeins and divided it between 2 colorways – Nova Scotia and Melon.) Yes, we’re also getting Mini Maiden in. Yes, we have Nature’s Palette arriving soon. Yes, we have another new indie dyer to debut soon with a really fun yarn base that you will love, and a couple of new sock lines from well-loved companies – but that’s still a secret. Everything on the “arriving soon at The Loopy Ewe” list on the homepage is anticipated in within the next month or less, and many of the companies that we stock all the time have re-stock orders in the works. Did you notice that I did an update tonight? Woolly Boully, The Knittery, Fleece Artist Sea Wool, Schaefer Andrea, Chewy Spaghetti Lace, J Knits Light, Heartstrings Patterns, and under Fun Accessories – Moonlight Knitter and Two Sisters.

I think that about covers it all for now. We do have some fun things coming up this summer that will be discussed soon, as well as new lines that are not yet ready to be publicized. You know us – always something new coming in and always a LOT of stuff in the works. We like it that way. :-)

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