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You seem a little blurry to me……

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 in Loopy

I got contacts today. First time ever. But they’re weird ones. I have “perfect, 20/20 long distance vision”, according to the eye doctor, but I have found that more and more I am reaching for reading glasses when doing things close up. (Like knitting, sometimes. And reading.) I used to think it was hilarious when “older” people had to hold things at arms length to read them (because that SO does not make sense) and now I’m one of them. So these contacts have reading magnification in the bottom of the contact and are clear on the top. I suppose I’ll get used to them, but right now you all seem a bit blurry to me. I’m anxious to try knitting with them – maybe tonight. (I know – midweek knitting! WOOT! I told you it was one of my summer goals.)

Speaking of summer goals, I saw a list on someone’s blog about the things they wanted to get knitted up this summer and it got me to thinking about what I wanted to knit up over the next few months. So here is my list of wishes:

- pairs to all of my twinless socks (and I believe there might be 15 or so. sigh.)

DSC00724.JPG- finish my Sea Silk shawl in the Nova Scotia colorway (because I’d also like to do something in the Aegean Sea Silk and the Melon Sea Silk. And I love Schaefer Andrea, so I set aside a skein of Empress Wu Zhao, and I also like Helen’s Laces a lot, and so have a skein of Vera set aside in that. Then of course there’s an amazing skein that Susie at Perchance to Knit sent me, but I can’t show that to you or you’ll want it. I’ll wait until we have it in stock to tease you like that. I really really like knitting lace. Almost as much as socks.) Lastly, I’d like a cashmere scarf out of this Jester colorway.

- work on a short-sleeved sweater that I started last year. (last year. brother.) It would be nice for fall, I think.

- and knit up new socks. Here are the yarns that are calling to me most loudly from my own stash. (There’s more in the stash, but these are the first ones I’d knit up this summer if I had unlimited knitting time.)

DSC00725.JPG Perchance to Knit (special colorway called “Sheri Baby” from Susie)
J-Knits New Mexico
Woolly Boully Brooklyn Candy
The Knittery Earth
sKNITches Syncopation Collegiate
Zen String Bart & Louise (this just arrived today and I have been waiting for my own skein of Bart & Louise! It will be up in the next Sneak Up.)
DSC00726.JPG Fleece Artist Sea Wool Pinata
sKNITches Kettle Drum Thunderclap
Gypsy Knits BFL Merry Go Round
Yarntini Cherry Cordial
Perchance to Knit Primarily
DSC00727.JPG Urban GypZ Twisted Curry with Raisins (new indie dyer to us, coming soon!)
Seacoast Panda Pheasant
Cider Moon Casual Friday
Opal Rainforest Toucan
Regia Stretch Toronto
DSC00728.JPG Yarn Pirate Loopy BluesSeacoast Bee Balm
Opal Neon 1937
Yarn Pirate BFL (special colorway from Georgia called “Zoe”)
Posh Tweed Coat
Claudia Blue Terra Cotta
Claudia Sante Fe
The Knittery Moonlight

So how much of my summer knitting list do you think I’ll get done? (Did I mention that I need to find more time in my day/week for knitting?) What’s on your list for the summer?

No blog on Friday – I’ll be winging my way to the TNNA Market in Ohio.  I’ll let you know all about it next week when I’m back!

Sheri andwillIevergetusedtotheseforeignobjectsinmyeyes?

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