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The Loopy Lady is out of town. Zoe takes over.

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Friday, June 1st, 2007 in Uncategorized

DSC00413.JPGHi. It’s Zoe. The Loopy Lady is gone for the weekend and I’m taking over the blog for a few minutes. I was tagged for a meme by my friend Sumo, and the LL didn’t think she needed to let me answer it. She didn’t think a blog written all about me would be interesting. Go figure. So she’s gone and now’s my chance. Sumo DOES think a whole blog entry about me would be fascinating, so here are my seven things:

1. I was a stray the first six months of my life. I liked the running around part of all that, but sleeping and eating on the run is not all that it’s cracked up to be. One day, the animal control people caught me and then My People found me and adopted me. They picked me because I have big eyes and I purred a lot when they picked me up.

2. My vet (I have a great vet) calls me a “little girl”. I’m over a year old now and still weigh just under 6 lbs. But it’s all muscle, let me tell you.

3. I have two favorite sleeping places. One is in a suitcase that I found in the back room of our basement. (Oh, the back room – what a wonderful place to explore. The People say they need to clean it out, but it’s a really interesting place.) I like my suitcase a lot. LL even bought a special fleece pad for me to sleep on and she put it in the suitcase. My other favorite sleeping place is on a chair on the back screen porch, but I only like this when it’s not too hot or too cold outside. (It’s right by the bird feeders, too. Enough said.)

DSC00024.JPG4. I don’t really like to be held. I put up with it when necessary (because The People seem to like it) but I’d rather be standing on their shoulders than cooped up in their arms. I do love being petted and such. I just would rather accept it on my own terms.

5. I like sleeping with The People at night, but I hide under the bed until they turn off the lights. Otherwise they might pick me up and try to hold me or something, and now you know how I feel about that. (see #4)

6. I really like to play. My favorite thing is to chase a laser light on the floor and I can be entertained for hours. However, LL tells everyone to stop and give me a rest after a few minutes because I tend to get a bit carried away with it all. (Moving lights – don’t you think they’re fascinating?? Or is it just me?)

7. I think dogs are ok. Casey – she lives here with me – was very happy when I came to live here last year. Once in awhile she lays in the doorway and blocks my entry to a room, but I just give her a swipe on the nose about it. (She still doesn’t move, but it makes me feel better to bat her nose about it.) Other than that, we get along just fine. We both like squirrels a lot.

Before I go, do you want to know any of the latest “scoop” from The Loopy Room? Because LL isn’t here and I can totally tell you anything I want. I heard an answering machine message yesterday from Lorna’s Laces – they said they were shipping out our “HUGE order”. Is that a good thing? And a big box of J.Knits new lace yarn arrived yesterday and LL was kinda ga-ga over it all. (Whatever.) Of course all of those boxes from Zen String are cluttering up my “race track” and I’m not very happy about it. But I have learned that all of the big boxes that come in, are emptied and shipped out to all of you really quickly, so they don’t hamper my activities too much. (You all buy a lot of yarn. Do you know that? I know it makes The People really happy. They probably love you almost as much as they love me. But not quite.)

DSC00477.JPGI guess that’s all for today. LL will be back Monday. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see that I took over the blog for a day. Or not. As far as tagging anyone, well, if any of my friends want to leave comments about their seven things (Nikko? Lucy? Lucky? Tigger? Frogger? Jake? P-Man? anyone?) then I’d enjoy reading them. Or even one thing about yourself, if Your People will let you type a comment. In the meantime, I need a nap. Blog writing is exhausting.

Zoe se8wb43568fblndklghwawsgdmvotl (sorry – my paws got tangled in the keyboard.

But I’ll bet that’s how LL types those goofy signatures she does anyways.)

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