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Doughnut Puffs for Breakfast

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, June 8th, 2007 in Sheri's Recipes

sockittomeWell most of the skeins of Cherry Tree Hill’s new Sockittome are packed up and off to your houses. I know it sold out quickly since putting it up late Wednesday night, but we could only get 100 skeins in this test run. They’re doing another small initial run at the end of June and we have more reserved in that batch, so it will be in again in a couple of weeks. I really like the new base. It’s very similar to another line that we carry and that you all have been fans of. It was fun to be able to offer you some of the very first skeins of a new sock line from one of our tried and true companies! We will always watch for great opportunities like this that we can pass on to you, whether it be new yarns, or accessories, or whatever. There are several more new sock yarns coming out from some of our other “tried and true” companies this summer – just know that we’re already on top of that for you.

It sounds like Loopy is going to be traveling far and wide in the next three months. (Why, oh why, didn’t I stipulate that I had to come along as the official photographer? Next year I’ll know better.) I think all of the places that were mentioned in the blog comments and emails I have had sound like fun! And remember – even if you’re not traveling somewhere else this summer, there are fun things to show Loopy in your own hometown. We have customers in all 50 states, and 42 countries, at last count, so those are a lot of interesting places for Loopy to explore. Thanks for joining in on the fun and playing along with us. :-)

It has been so nice having College Guy and Knitting Daughter home this summer. (Although KD keeps leaving to make lattes and mochas down the street.) Did I tell you that College Guy aka Web Guy turned in a proposal to have The Loopy Ewe be a practicum for credit this summer for his Computer Science major? They said yes and I am thrilled. He has already made so many changes for us (most that make things easier and quicker on this end, but he has some cool things planned for your end, too!). Do you have any website suggestions you’d like to pass on to him? Now if we could only figure out how to get photos taken and color corrected faster. We’re bringing so much yarn in every day that the “to be photo-ed so it can go up on the website” corner is out of control. (Ok. It’s way bigger than a corner. You could build a fort out of all of those cases of yarn in waiting.) But we’ll keep working through it and adding more for you week by week.

Last night while we were packing orders, KD pointed out something funny. All of our order numbers are the date, followed by 4 randomly assigned numbers/letters or combination of the two. Like: B5E7 or S3RL or APQZ. Last night, there was an order that started out: 070607 (that means the year – 07, the month – 06, the date it was placed – 07) and the random 4 combination that followed made the order number come out like this: 070607-DEAD. Yikes! So here’s a little assignment – when you get an order from us this week, check and see if this one was yours. If you find it, email me and I will have a LIVE-ly gift for you, just for fun! (Hmm – I really should pay more attention to how those randomly come out. There are a lot of 4-letter combinations that would not be good!)

Today’s recipe is one that I made for breakfast this morning, just so that I could share the recipe with you today. Well, that, and because we haven’t made them in awhile and I was in the mood. We had these growing up (mostly on Saturdays) and we always loved them. Healthy? Not in the least. Delicious? Mmmmelt-in-your-mouth delicious.

Doughnut Puffs


1-2 tubes of refrigerator biscuits
powdered sugar

Put 1+ cups of powdered sugar into a new paper lunch bag. Cut each biscuit in half. Fry in oil until golden on each side (don’t make the oil too hot or the outside will brown and the inside will not be cooked.) Using tongs, transfer each doughnut puff into the paper bag (about 4 at a time) and shake them up so that they get completely covered with the sugar. Remove from bag and eat while they’re warm. Generally, the whole family will be in the kitchen, willing to take them off of your hands as soon as you pull them out of the bag. That’s when they taste the best. When you get to the end of 1 tube of biscuits, you’ll say, “Should I make this other tube?” and they will unanimously vote yes.

Sheri workingonmyDuetssockthisweekendbecausethatyarniscominganydaynowwoohoo!

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