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New Loopy Groupies!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 in Shop News

You can always be pretty sure that if I haven’t blogged during the day on one of my blog days, it’s because I’ve spent the day filling your orders. Susan-the-awesome-assistant and Knitting Daughter and I worked on them all day, and we’ll finish the rest of the Sneak Up orders for you tomorrow. We have fun packing your orders and sending them off! Plus, we need more room on the shelves for the other cases of yarn that have come in yesterday and today. (In Friday’s post I’ll let you know what has come in and will be up next week.) We have expanded shelves as much as possible in The Loopy “Room-but-I-really-shouldn’t-call-it-a-room-because-it’s-way-bigger-
than-that.” The next step? Everyone will have to move out of the house. That’s all there is to it. Shelves and yarn everywhere.

Very SheriSo – last night’s Sneak Up was fun. You do need to check out the fun colorway that Knitting Daughter and Georgia the Yarn Pirate collaborated on for me for Mother’s Day this year! (Remember when I had Georgia do one for KD for her birthday in February, called Sweet Jules? Well, KD thought she’d return the favor!) It’s called “Very Sheri” and it is very much me. Cranberry, hunter green, and chocolate. I absolutely love it. I’m glad several of you were able to get a skein, too! We’ll have it here again.

Did you notice the other new feature on the website that you’re been asking for? Now you can see sold-out colorways! The last page from each current yarn line is a “0″ and it will show you colorways that are currently out of stock. For yarn lines (like Yarn Pirate) that are completely sold out, just click on the button and it will give you the option of seeing past colorways from there, too. I have to say, I’m really liking having Web Guy work on The Loopy Ewe full time this summer. During the school year, the “to do” list gets pretty darned long, while waiting for him to fit it in between classes and college life and such. (Oh, ok. You’re right. That’s what he’s at college for.)

Once again I’m past due in welcoming new Loopy Groupies to the flock! You reach Loopy Groupie status when you have placed your sixth order with us. We send you a fun gift bag to celebrate, and then you’re on the Loopy Groupie notification list for Sneak Ups, as well as getting in on some fun specials now and then, just for you. We love our Loopy Groupies! A special welcome to the newest members of the group:

Linda (DE), Tracy (WA), Tamara (OR), Nell (CA), Debra (CA), Tasha (AK), Jean (PA), Danielle (Quebec, CA), Marcela (NY), Linda (OR), Lynda (OK), Meryl (CA), Gina (HI), Mary (ID), Kathy (MO), Maya (TX), Heather (IL), Debbie (CO), Krystal (NY), Chauntel (CA), Emma (OK), Dawn (CT), Bronwyn (TN), Cheryl (MA), Laura (NC), Maria (NC), Malin (Sweden), Donna (FL), Kelli (IN), Jaci (WI), Del (OK), Barb (IL), Rebecca (MN), Sonia (TX), Joni (NY), Jennifer (OH), Laurie (WA), Gretchen (ND), Julia (AZ), Lauren (CO), Stacey (IL), Lesley (MD), Patti (ME), Naomi (FPO), Karen (OH), Jennifer (NJ), Deborah (WI), Sara (OH), Nicole (WI), Lori (NJ), Mitzi (ID), Michelle (VA), Christine (MN), Deborah (PA), Michelle (AZ), Anne (GA), Georgia (WA), Betty (HI), Jacqueline (FL), Lisa, (CA), I-Chun (CA), Julie (TX), Ketzia (NY), Zonda (NC), Belinda (CA), Emily (MI), Julie (CA), Brenda (IA), Barbara (KS), Melissa (NY), Elizabeth (VA), Margaret (TX), Laurie (MA), Ruby (CA), Mickie (MA), Dawn (VA), Karen (IL), Jessi (CO), Laura (UT), Meridith (MA), Lori (WI), Virginia (CO), Brenda (IL), Laura (NY), Katherine (MN), Jane (WA), Marianne (MI), Suzzanne (MD), Roberta (MO), Katy (PA), Jean (CA), Michele (WA), Deborah (WA), Harriet (NC), Tempe (MO), Jessica (AL), Lori (PA), Debi (FL), Alicia (NE), Naomi (CA), Alison (NY), Kristin (PA), Margie (IN), Eleanor (CA), Terri (Alberta, Canada), Celeste (NC), Phyllis (MI), Melanie (WA), Linda (WA), Grace (IL), Karen (MI), Katherine (OH), Amanda (MA), Judie (FL), Stephanie (CA), Pamelyn (IL), Joan (MN), Donna (IL), Elizabeth (TX), Beth (OK), Tanya (MD), Elizabeth (IN), Elizabeth (MI), Rosi (NY), Hope (GA), Diane (MA), Karen (IL), Shannon (FL), Rebecca (CO), Nadine (MD), Wendy (MD), Lori (PA), Amy (WA), Sharon (NY) and Kim (IL). Big hugs to all of you! :-)

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