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Good News, Bad News

Photo: Sheri Berger
Friday, June 22nd, 2007 in Bad New/Good News

Good news: You all ordered enough yarn to tide you over for the 3 weeks between this Sneak Up and the next. Holy cow!!

Bad news: We’ve packed so many orders that we’re dreaming about them in our sleep.

Good news: We ought to be all finished up by tomorrow so that we can get a good night’s sleep again.

Bad news: The mailman is extremely annoyed.

Good news: He’s a sub. Our regular mailman will be back on Monday and still likes us.

Bad news: I’ll be leaving Monday morning, so no blogging for 2 weeks.

Good news: I may need to slip in a post sometime, if anything exciting is going on. I’ll miss you all too much.

Bad news: Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll be too busy knitting. :-)

Good news: Our first case of Wollmeise arrived so I can take a skein to knit on vacation.

Bad news: It’s just one of several cases and the rest haven’t arrived yet.

Good news: You are going to LOVE this yarn, if you haven’t tried it before.

Bad news: I do, too. I had a hard time picking just one color.

Good news: Susan-the-awesome-assistant (who has put in so much overtime this week to help with all of these Sneak Up orders – we love her) will be here packing orders for you while we’re gone.

Bad news: That means that you can still get orders while I’m gone.

Good news: That means that you can still get orders while I’m gone.
(ahem – some will see this as good, some will see this as bad. Take your pick.)

Bad news: We already have some more really wonderful yarn in-house for the next Sneak Up. (Oh – wait – that’s good news!)

Good news: Using the Random Number Generator, the winner of this month’s “What was your first job” contest is Phyllis! She gets a $35 Loopy credit in her account, to buy some fun Loopy Loot. (I had so much fun reading all of your comments. I’m thinking that most teen-agers ought to read through them all. They’ll realize how nice they have it nowadays, don’t you think? Wow – there were some doozies in there.)

Have a great couple of weeks and get lots of knitting done. I’ll be asking about that when I get back! I’ll also share the Q3 Loopy Challenge with you when I return.

Hugs to you, Sheri (gotanygoodnews/badnewstosharewithmetoday?)

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