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Too much chicken in the freezer. And stuff.

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Monday, August 20th, 2007 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I make the grocery list and WH goes to the store. Last week, I had “Frozen Chicken Br**sts” on the list. (Ok – I don’t want to bring weirdos to the blog by typing out that word. But you know what I mean.) He read through the list and said, “Don’t we have chicken in the freezer?” and I said, “No, I don’t think so.” Since he was the instigator of the Freezer Intervention, he knows that one of my bad habits is to, um ….. buy food without making sure there is none already in the freezer. So last week, after questioning me, he said, “Are you sure there’s no chicken in there? Just check.” My response was to roll my eyes and yank open the freezer door. I was greeted by a large bag of frozen chicken br**sts. Dang. Busted.

DSC01033.JPGI have other bad habits. Another one that is particularly prevalent this time of year is notebooks and journals. I don’t know why, but I can wander the aisles at an office supply store and Target, for a long time, finding notebooks and journals that I need. I don’t fill them all. I don’t keep a detailed journal day by day. I have way more than I could ever use. But still, I find cute ones that I feel a need to buy. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones. I think it’s my desire to be organized. (“Oh, I can keep track of _________ in this one!” Seriously. I always have good ideas for them when I’m buying them.) Back-to- school time is the worst (have you SEEN some of the cute notebooks out there right now?) I find it just best not to even walk into the store.

DSC01034.JPGMy desk. It’s usually overrun with a few piles and stacks of papers. Things that need to be paid or filed or checked or sorted. This habit also spills over to the computer cabinet. Do you know how annoying it is to try to use the desk or computer, while dodging stacks of papers? (Well yes, I’ll bet some of you do.) I love it when my desk and computer area are clean. That’s what I spent time on this weekend and I’m keeping it this way. Every time I walk in here, it makes me smile. (Ask me in two weeks.)

Yarn. I love to buy yarn. I love having a big collection of skeins to choose from and to admire in the baskets. I have finally decided to stop feeling bad about that and to call myself a Yarn Collector. I figure that I don’t spend a lot of money on extra vices in life (ok, besides the chicken br**sts and a bunch of cute notebooks) and it’s ok to have a good collection of yarn. I’m going to stop calling it a “bad habit of buying more yarn than I could possibly knit up in a lifetime” and start referring to it as my “yarn collection that makes me happy”. As long as I have baskets of yarn, piles of notebooks, and chicken in the freezer, life is good.

Sheri ofcoursetherearemorebadhabitsbutIwillstopherefortoday

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