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Coming Soon to The Loopy Ewe

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 in Shop News

Over the past several weeks, we have added a few more indie dyers to the group here at the “Loop”. (That must mean they’re “The Loop Group” – hee! I crack myself up.) I get so many emails asking “Are you getting this line in?” or “Are you getting that dyer in?” or “When will you have more of this line?” and so once in awhile I like to keep you updated on what is coming, even though – especially with the indie dyers – the orders are awhile in coming because our orders are so big. So here are a few fun new lines coming up that you can look forward to between now and the fall months, plus an update on the other regulars. (And remember – our indie lines are always on order, due back in as soon as they can dye more up for us.)

DSC01039.JPG1. Yarn Nerd – Adam is an electrical engineer by day, and a yarn dyer by night. The colorways are beautiful and the yarn is a base that you all love. I’m particularly happy to have our first GUY DYER! We will have this in by the end of September, if not before. I love this colorway that he sent – the colors just flow back and forth.

2. Sheepaints – Sabine and I have been emailing for awhile and I’m so looking forward to sharing her yarn with you – all the way from Germany. I love finding international indie dyers, as it’s interesting to see different color combinations that come from different parts of the world. We’ll have lots of her yarn here mid-October.

3. The Regia Kaffe Fassett line – So many of you have asked for this, so of course we’ll have it for you. Fassett is a long-time knitting and textile designer known for his use of color, and the colors in these new yarns are going to make you want to knit up some socks. We’re hoping to have this yarn within a couple of weeks.

DSC01040.JPG4. MacKintosh Yarns – Liz is a Loopy customer and blog reader and it turns out that she has this fun line of yarns that she is willing to do up for us. (Many are Harry Potter inspired colorways, but not all.) Liz is a college student, so now we have our first COLLEGE DYER! Liz has worked for a yarn shop near her and has much experience in all things yarn. I am very impressed with her beautiful colorways. We will have this in 6 weeks or so.

And a reminder about the new ones that I have already mentioned in previous blogs but that we’ll have up in the next couple of weeks – or months – as well:

DSC01038.JPGShibuiKnits – shipped last week, due in any second, Fiesta Baby Boomerang – shipping today – yeehaa!, Austermann Step, Trekking, Sockina Cotton – all three are here and waiting to be photo-ed. Here are pictures of the Sockina Cotton colorway I’m knitting up, and the first Austermann Step that I am going to knit.) Schaefer Heather, Classic Elite Alpaca Sox, Oceanwind Knits . I know I’ve been promising DSC01037.JPGAll Things Heather, too, and it’s just a matter of photo-ing all of it. I think we have 30+ different colorways here. (Heather moved cross-country and we benefitted from her “I don’t want to move all this sock yarn so how much can I dye up for you?” mentality. We took it all! Here is a photo of the two skeins I had to take for my own stash, right off the top: Chocolate Kisses and Bandana.) We also have Addi Turbo needles (regular and lace) DSC01041.JPGand we’ll have Wendy’s exclusive sock patterns here very soon! Have you been watching them transpire on her blog? She has come up with some really fun ones. :-) And for those of you who keep asking about Dream in Color – we have plenty of that shipping to us, hopefully within the next week or two, as well. Plus more Fleece Artist Somoko, Fleece Artist Merino, and Zen String have arrived. (Edited – someone asked about Wollmeise. It’s due to ship out to me the last week in August and you know we’ll get it up asap!)

Thank you for your tremendous response to the J. Knits Anniversary Yarn! We’re all out of it now, but I may offer it in their Lace-A-Licious base in the future. (What do you think?) I know you all are big fans of J.Knits yarn. I love their colors and also how soft the yarn is to work with and wear. We’ve always planned to carry all of their colors in stock, but, um ….. you all buy it faster than Julie can dye it and we can stock it! So we’ll keep doing what we’ve been doing, which is rotating the colors we have and going through the whole line over several orders/months, and you can catch your favorite colors when they come up. How’s that?

Lastly, I continue to get emails every week about the Loopy Ewe Seasonal Sock Club, wondering how to get in or when the next sign-ups will be. We had 150 slots fill overnight when we first started it last winter, so needless to say, it’s full full full! It does seem like everyone has jumped on the sock club bandwagon, doesn’t it? We will continue to work hard to make ours fun and inspiring for you as we go along! Sign-ups for next year’s club will be in late January. I’ll announce it ahead of time in the blog and via our monthly customer email newsletter. We’ll be sending packages to you every other month next year: March, May, July, September, and November. I have some awesome designers and dyers all lined up already, anxious to participate! (Guess what? One is Wollmeise!)

There. I think you’re caught up on most things “Loopy” around here. Of course I always keep a FEW secrets that I’m working on, just to keep you guessing. :-)

Sheri ooh-onemorething-I’mworkingonaknittingretreatforusnextSpring

Too much chicken in the freezer. And stuff.

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Monday, August 20th, 2007 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I make the grocery list and WH goes to the store. Last week, I had “Frozen Chicken Br**sts” on the list. (Ok – I don’t want to bring weirdos to the blog by typing out that word. But you know what I mean.) He read through the list and said, “Don’t we have chicken in the freezer?” and I said, “No, I don’t think so.” Since he was the instigator of the Freezer Intervention, he knows that one of my bad habits is to, um ….. buy food without making sure there is none already in the freezer. So last week, after questioning me, he said, “Are you sure there’s no chicken in there? Just check.” My response was to roll my eyes and yank open the freezer door. I was greeted by a large bag of frozen chicken br**sts. Dang. Busted.

DSC01033.JPGI have other bad habits. Another one that is particularly prevalent this time of year is notebooks and journals. I don’t know why, but I can wander the aisles at an office supply store and Target, for a long time, finding notebooks and journals that I need. I don’t fill them all. I don’t keep a detailed journal day by day. I have way more than I could ever use. But still, I find cute ones that I feel a need to buy. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones. I think it’s my desire to be organized. (“Oh, I can keep track of _________ in this one!” Seriously. I always have good ideas for them when I’m buying them.) Back-to- school time is the worst (have you SEEN some of the cute notebooks out there right now?) I find it just best not to even walk into the store.

DSC01034.JPGMy desk. It’s usually overrun with a few piles and stacks of papers. Things that need to be paid or filed or checked or sorted. This habit also spills over to the computer cabinet. Do you know how annoying it is to try to use the desk or computer, while dodging stacks of papers? (Well yes, I’ll bet some of you do.) I love it when my desk and computer area are clean. That’s what I spent time on this weekend and I’m keeping it this way. Every time I walk in here, it makes me smile. (Ask me in two weeks.)

Yarn. I love to buy yarn. I love having a big collection of skeins to choose from and to admire in the baskets. I have finally decided to stop feeling bad about that and to call myself a Yarn Collector. I figure that I don’t spend a lot of money on extra vices in life (ok, besides the chicken br**sts and a bunch of cute notebooks) and it’s ok to have a good collection of yarn. I’m going to stop calling it a “bad habit of buying more yarn than I could possibly knit up in a lifetime” and start referring to it as my “yarn collection that makes me happy”. As long as I have baskets of yarn, piles of notebooks, and chicken in the freezer, life is good.

Sheri ofcoursetherearemorebadhabitsbutIwillstopherefortoday

Bad News, Good News

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Friday, August 17th, 2007 in Bad New/Good News, Sheri's Recipes

jkhappyannivBad News: The Loopy Ewe Anniversary Yarn sold out in a day.
Good News: That was only 150 skeins out of our 200 skein order. The last 50 skeins will be here from J.Knits in the next day or two and will go up on the website when they come in. And we’ll keep selling the Celebratory Chevrons pattern here after the yarn is gone, because it would look beautiful in any J.Knits colorway – or others.

Good News: A new Lorna’s Laces order has arrived and I have picked two colors of the sport weight that need to be knit into a Chevron Scarf.
Bad News: My first Chevron Scarf isn’t any further along than it was in Monday’s post. I hope this isn’t the beginning of SHCSS. (Second Half of Chevron Scarf Syndrome.)

Good News: Trekking, Sockina and Austermann Step have arrived.
Bad News: I may have also started a new sock with the Sockina.

Good News: I live on Route 56.
Bad News: Apparently that’s not a good thing. (Note conversation below that took place at the post office yesterday afternoon.)

Mail Person #1, walking out from the back room: “Oh my gosh – who brought all of this in?” (as she points to a corner full of boxes that I had just brought in.)
Mail Person #2, checking me out with the International Orders: “The Loopy Loo lady here.”
Mail Person #1: “Oh. Wow. OHHH! You’re Route 56! We talk about you all the time at the other branch!”
Me: “Um …. Really? You know about me?”
Mail Person #1: “Oh jeez yes – we all know about you. No one wants to do Route 56 because of the lady with all the boxes every day! Now tell me again what you sell? Socks?”
Me: Sock yarn and lace yarn.
Mail Person #1: “That’s right. And there really are people who buy it? Because we all just kind of stand around and scratch our heads on that one. Who buys sock yarn? There are really that many people out there interested in this stuff?”
Mail Person #2: “Well obviously. You see all these boxes in here all the time.”
Mail Person #1: “That’s true. It’s crazy though, isn’t it? We just have to wonder about it. Sock yarn.”
Me: :-)

Bad News: There are boxes and boxes of yarn that came in this week and are waiting to be photographed and put up in the next Sneak Up. (At least WH considers that Bad News.)
Good News: And more on the way. (Here’s a news flash – a big order of ShibuiKnits shipped to us today, so for all of you who have been asking me for it, it will be here very soon and I know you will love it.)

Bad News: Knitting Daughter went back to school this week, and College Boy goes back next weekend.
Good News: That means chocolate chip cookies! (A first day of school tradition at our house since College Boy was in Kindergarten. That day, there were plenty of mom-tears mixed into the batter. Don’t you love coming home to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies?) And yes, College Boy takes a plate of them to school to have after his first day of college classes, too.

Good News: Here is my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe that I’ve been making all these years.
Bad News: They’re not non-caloric.

DSC01026.JPGBest Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 1/3 cup shortening
1 cup sugar
1 cup brown sugar
2 eggs
2 tsp. vanilla
3 cups flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. salt
12 oz. pck. chocolate chips

Beat shortening, both sugars, eggs and vanilla until light and fluffy. Beat in flour, soda and salt. Fold in chocolate chips. Grease cookie sheets. (or bake on stone). Bake at 375 degrees for 11 minutes. Cool 1 minute on pan.

Any Good News/Bad News that you’d like to share today?

Sheri badnews:deskisburiedinpilesofpapersgoodnews:it’sonmyto-dolisttoday

Edited later for Anniebananie: Wollmeise, Yarn Pirate, Zen String, Yarntini, and more – all shipping to us between now and the end of August! :-)

Top Ten Uses for Leftover Sock Yarns

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Wednesday, August 15th, 2007 in Sheri's Top Tens

We knit socks. We have leftovers. We must do something with the leftovers in order to make more room for new sock yarn. What to do?

DSC01030.JPG1. Sock balls. Every time I finish a pair of socks, I roll the extra yarn up into a ball and plunk it in this glass jar. Obviously I need a larger glass jar. I also think this is handy because if I ever need to mend a pair of socks (and you know, I’d ONLY ever mend hand-knit socks), then I just come to this jar and find the right yarn. I like it.

2. Toe rings. It’s summertime and we’re all walking around in sandals …. and not wearing our wonderfully handknit socks. Why not match yarn to your outfit for the day, and tie on a toe ring? It’s the next best thing to wearing a handknit sock, I’m sure.

3. Blankets. True, it would take close to forever to knit a whole blanket out of your leftover sock yarn, but if you do a bit every time you finish your socks, one day you’ll be done. Won’t the end result be beautiful?

DSC01024.JPG4. Cat toys. While Zoe is wonderful about leaving skeined and balled yarn completely alone, heaven forbid that a tail of yarn might dangle out to catch her attention. She’d love her own yarn-ball cat toys. Of course she’d eat the yarn and then there would be trouble. But maybe your cats are better behaved.

5. Face cloths. If the thought of a whole sock yarn blanket is intimidating, why not make up some face cloths with it? They’d be soft, machine washable, and beautiful.

DSC01025.JPG6. Tying the stash cupboard shut. Of course I’m speaking of the cupboard where your yarn stash lives. No one needs to go in there except for you, right? (No one SHOULD go in there except for you, right?) Tie it shut and tell everyone that you’re working on things for Christmas and it’s not to be opened or disturbed.

7. Baby socks. One can never have too many pairs of socks for babies. Baby socks make nice gifts (they are great to keep on hand) and they take little yarn, depending on the size of those cute tiny feet. Maybe your next baby gift ought to be a “sock wardrobe” – different colors for the multiple wardrobe changes that babies seem to go through. :-)

DSC01028.JPG8. Reminders. Maybe you’re like me. Maybe not. But oftentimes I’d rather be knitting than … doing household chores, for example. And have you ever forgotten to do something because you became so involved in what you were knitting? Leftover sock yarn is great for tying a string around your finger so you don’t forget. Or tying several strings around several fingers, if there are many things you are putting off while knitting. This might apply to me.

9. Chevron scarf. You all know that I’m having fun with my Chevron scarf. :-) Why not make a “scarf of many colors” and make it in all different sock yarns? The dip-and-weave pattern in the Chevron scarf mixes it all up very colorfully.

DSC01027.JPG10. Save your seat. Have you ever wandered into the tv room to knit, only to find “your knitting seat” occupied? Annoying, isn’t it? Now you can use your leftover sock yarn to tie up an effective road block. Just loop a long tail of yarn across it to keep people out. Depending on your family and how likely they are to obey that, you might also need to add a sign to further dissuade them. Mine would not be dissuaded by yarn. Come to think of it, they probably wouldn’t be fooled by the note either. Maybe I need to resort to just leaving a bunch of yarn balls in the chair.

Those are a few ideas, but I’m sure you have more. What have you done with your leftover sock yarn?

Sheri no,I’mnotseriousaboutallofthese,butI’llleaveittoyoutofigureoutwhicharemeantinjest!

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