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Wednesday, September 12th, 2007 in Shop News, Uncategorized

Hi there! First of all, a big big thank you to all of you who are so wonderful and kind and encouraging, even when you miss Wollmeise again! So many of you wrote order notes that just brightened our day! (Ok – brightened our night. We were working on orders late into the night!) We really appreciate your business and your kindness. Please know that we’re getting these out as fast as possible, but it does take an extra day or two during Sneak Ups. :-)

I did feel the need to address something in the blog. While 98% of you have been wonderful, 2% of you are not happy. I know it’s disappointing to be watching the website for something, and then miss it. If I had my way, we’d just announce the time and day we were adding new products, and you wouldn’t have to pay such close attention to things here! But remember, we don’t do that because so many hop on and shop at once, that it has killed the website. We have tested the web capacity by having daytime Sneak Ups these last couple of times, and for the most part it works ok. (A couple of glitches yesterday when people checked out simultaneously with the last skeins of something, but we’re figuring out ways around it for the future.) But it doesn’t work ok enough to pre-announce again. This is just the way we have to work it. It’s not a “marketing ploy” or something meant to create stress – it’s the most efficient and effective way for us to update the website on a regular basis, for you.

We also order a lot. I have tried to generically reassure you of that in past blog posts, but I still had someone wonder this morning why I don’t order more yarn: “Why don’t you just order enough so you can stock it? Or is making an artificially high demand more profitable for you?” Now that just makes me a bit cranky. (Or maybe it makes me a lot cranky.) We have not, nor will we ever, artificially do anything here for profitability. I don’t believe in it, and it doesn’t work, anyway, even if your values allowed you to do something like that. We order the maximum amount that our indie dyers can produce, and we get orders from them as often as they can dye them up for us. Period. Remember, these are wonderfully talented individuals doing all of this on their own. There is only so much that they can produce. We had 330 skeins of Wollmeise yesterday, gone in 2 hours. (I can see when the last skein was sold.) We had 340 patterns from Wendy. She is sending me 450 more on Friday, just because she has printed her heart out all week long and was able to get a bit more done! (She doesn’t want to do it by pdf. You can check her blog last week for her reasoning, which I happen to agree with.) We also get 350-500 skeins of Dream In Color per order, every single month, and I know those sell out usually in a day. We have regular standing orders with all of our dyers and most all of our “main” yarn companies, just to insure that we keep getting great yarn in here for you, all the time. By having a good number of indie dyers, it insures that new batches from at least a few of them will be in every week or two, even if the one you were waiting on, sold out quickly. We will continue to do our very very best to serve you well and keep you supplied. This business is extremely important to us, and we take it very seriously. Now that I have attached numbers to some of these things, maybe it will help more of you to understand that it’s not a matter of not ordering enough. We order the maximums. The demand is high for many of these yarns/patterns, and we will continue to get stock in to fill it – as often as possible, and as much as possible.

There. Cranky rant is over. Back to packing up your orders and sending them on their way with hugs and many thanks to each one of you. 98% of you are just the best! :-)

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