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Spreading Sweetness and Light

Photo: Sheri Berger
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007 in Uncategorized

DSC00091.JPG(Today’s Fall Photo: Zoe, once again, playing with the Japanese Lantern plant. Luckily it’s silk…)

I love this quote that Beth shared with me:

“It was the custom of Lady Bostock, when the weather was fine, to sit in a garden chair on the terrace of Ashenden Manor after luncheon, knitting socks for the deserving poor. A believer, like Lord Ickenham, in spreading sweetness and light, she considered, possibly correctly, that there is nothing that brings the sunshine into grey lives like a sock or two.”

From Uncle Dynamite by P.G. Wodehouse

So think of sock knitting as spreading sweetness and light. I like that. (And for enabling purposes, who can argue with purchases because “I consider it my duty to spread sweetness and light via sock yarn.” Sounds good to me.)

Some of the Loopy Groupies over on Ravelry have organized a Loopy Ewe Swap! It’s open to anyone and here is their website if you’d like to get the details and join up. I think we have such a fun group of Loopies over there on Ravelry. If you’re already on Ravely, come join the group. You don’t have to be an official Loopy Groupie! Go to the “Groups” tab and type Loopy Ewe into the search engine. You’ll find us. Sometimes that group gets the inside scoop on things going on around here. Not that I don’t follow it up pretty quickly with info on the blog for you all, but …. you know. They just get information out of me at times. That’s all I’m sayin’. If you’re not yet on Ravelry – get your name on the list and join us when you get there!

DSC01212.JPGLook who stopped by yesterday for a visit to The Loopy Room. It’s Travis and Jacki – Jacki being half of Cider Moon (and Gail being the other half). They have been on a 2 week camping vacation and were staying in our area. It was fun to have them (and their two dogs) pop by. You can see that Jacki found a few things that she “needed” here. Travis even wound two skeins of it on our ball winder just in case Jacki wanted to start working on any of it before she got home. What a guy.

I’m off to the mountains for five days of cool weather and beautiful trees! As usual, I have packed way too many things that I want to knit. I’m planning on finishing my Alpaca Sox sock and my Sheepaints sock (Sheepaints is due in very soon). I have another not-yet-announced line that I’m knitting up and gosh, do I ever love the fun colors. I have two other potential lines that I’m test knitting and am taking along. I’m also taking my Chevron scarf, and I made the mistake of helping someone else pick out two colors of Fiesta Boomerang for their scarf and totally fell in love with that combo, too. So I may need to take that as well. Note to self: Way more knitting than I will ever get done, but heaven forbid that I might ever get close to running out of stuff to knit with time left in the weekend. FPS.

I’ll put up the Q4 Challenge in Monday’s blog, along with opening up the Q3 Challenge for voting at that time. Watch for it!

Sheri I’llmissyouallwhileI’mgonebutwillbringbackprettypicturesoftheAspensfortheblog

P.S. We have a couple of Loopy customers doing some good work to raise money for wonderful causes. (And – they have fun prizes!) Check out Jill’s blog for information on how she is raising money for Making Strides against Breast Cancer. And Aimee is raising money for Lupus with a fun drawing going on.

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