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Back up and running!

Photo: Sheri Berger
Monday, October 22nd, 2007 in Finished Socks

DSC01306.JPGWe’re back up and running in the new space – yay! We shipped orders on Friday and Saturday (which you know, if you had some “pending” while we moved) and we’re ready to do all of your weekend Sneak Up orders today. Did I throw you by having a Saturday night Sneak Up? There were so many lines that we had come in during the week, and I knew that some of you were waiting on a few of those. (Including Claudia – and more Peppermint Mocha, Louet - just in time for the two-yarns/colors Q4 Challenge, Shibui Knits – although some are on backorder, Apple Laine, Nature’s Palette, Trekking – lots of new colors!, Austermann Step – lots of new colors!, Sockina, Oceanwind Knits – almost sold out but more shipping next week, Stitchkeepers, Honey House Bee Bars, Zecca, and patterns by Cookie A and Heartstrings – fun new lace ones in there.) Whew! Now that those are all up, we can focus on taking new photos of the stuff waiting in the wings. Here’s the Sheepaints sock that I knit up – isn’t it pretty? Sabine sent us some beautiful colorways from Germany that will go up in the next Sneak Up. We also have Numma Numma almost ready to go up (you’ll remember the fingerless gloves that I knit with that – gorgeous stuff), more Seacoast, Mrs. Kwitty’s bags, and Ham’s Jam Yarn Cruisers in new fabrics. We’ll see what else arrives this week in time for photo-ing.

DSC01283.JPGThe New Loopy Room is …. not completely Loopified yet. Close, but not yet. I’ll take in-progress photos again soon. I suspect that space will constantly be evolving, just like the “old” Loopy Room did. We’re going to have a Loopy Wall of Fame in there so that when you come visit, you can sign it and we can remember that you were here! (Ok – maybe not ON the wall. Not sure the landlord would like that. But maybe we’ll have a giant sock blocker to sign, or something. We’ll get shopping hours up and going in November.) Look at this cute SHEEP cookie bouquet that my sweet friend Monica sent last week! It was fun to see that come through the door. :-)

I have winners for the Q3 Challenge! You all did such an amazing job on your projects, and there were a LOT of votes cast. The winner of the random drawing was Alison with her gorgeous Seraphim Shawl. (Alison – you also had a lot of votes, so it’s fun that you won the random drawing!) The winner of the “Knitter’s Choice” award with the most votes was Alex for her amazing Norwegian Stocking. (Alex – did you knit one sock or a pair? People want to know!) It was fun to see all of the photos come in. Do feel free to continue to add to any of the Challenge Photo Galleries as you finish up – people still love looking at them and I know many of you have said you’re still working on it. (And don’t forget Q4, now in progress!)

DSC01305.JPGOn the knitting front, here is the Alpaca Sox that I knit up while in Colorado. This yarn is so wonderfully warm and will keep your feet happy all winter long. I’m knitting this pair up for a friend who is making me a beautiful felted tote in exchange for it. She likes blues to wear with her jeans, and this colorway was perfect. Now I’m working on another yarn line that we have coming in sometime in November (which I haven’t told you about yet. These are definitely going to be Happy Socks, guaranteed to chase away the winter blues.) I also have several new Heartstrings lace patterns that were tempting me when I was putting them away this week. Like this one, and this one, and this one (and it ought to be noted that I don’t even wear things like this. They just look so beautiful that I’m thinking I need to make one or two.) I also liked this and this and this. Maybe for some Christmas gifts this year.

DSC01290.JPGOn the home front – the cats seem to be getting along well. Here they are intent on chasing the laser light across the floor. They seem to love pouncing on each other and rolling around. Zoe (on the left) has such huge eyes that I think Gracie gets intimidated as they sit and stare at each other. Gracie will bob her head and chatter, and then dash around Zoe in an attempt to get her rolling and playing. My friend Sharon assures me that the pouncing and rolling is all good cat play. No one is hissing or growling, so I have to assume that everyone is happy. Right?

Sheri yourfavoriterecipememoriesareWONDERFULbutIgethungryreadingallofyourcomments :-)

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