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Doing this and that

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 in Uncategorized

Things I haven’t been doing today:

- Knitting
- Blogging
- Walking to work
- Having a latte
- Reading the mail

Things I have been doing today:

- Getting your orders out (with much help from the Elves)
- Driving more stuff to the Loopy Office from home
- Grocery shopping
- Talking on the phone
- Watching the goofy cats play

Things I’m looking forward to doing tomorrow:

- Having College Boy home on Fall Break :-) :-)
- Finishing up some things at Loopy Central (with latte in hand)
- Taking some pictures over there to share with you
- Doing some good cooking and baking
- Knitting and watching a movie

And how about you? Been doing (or not doing) anything special today??

Sheri makingbrownieswithpeanutbutterfrostingtonight

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