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Dear Spinner Pushers

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Wednesday, November 7th, 2007 in Uncategorized

Dear Spinning Pushers (aka: Wendy, L-B, Alice and Julie),
I feel it is necessary to write and tell you that I do not appreciate being introduced to spinning last weekend at Graves Mountain. I have very consciously resisted learning to spin for the following reasons:

1. I do not have time for another activity.
2. I do not have money for another activity.
3. I do not have space for roving stash.
4. I do not feel a need to make my own yarn.
5. I am perfectly content with knitting.

Since learning to spin last weekend (and you all know that I am totally pretending that I “learned” -we all know how much farther I need to progress to really make that statement true), I have done the following things:

1. Bought a drop spindle. (Despite the fact that I didn’t even particularly care for the spindle method. Somehow the beauty of drop spindles caught my eye.)
2. Bought roving. (Oh, not one. But several. FPS.)
3. Read a bunch of stuff about wheels, trying to figure out which one I need. (“need”)
4. Contemplated carrying roving at The Loopy Ewe. (Not that we have the shelf space for it.)
5. Had this conversation with my mom and husband:

Mom: “Have you thought of anything on your Christmas list?”
Sheri: “No, not really. I’ll have to think about it.”
Mom: “How about some money to put towards a spinning wheel?”
Sheri: “Oh, I’ll have one before then.”
Wonder Husband: “Ha! Of course there is no waiting on something like that when she gets it in her head.” (Yes, as a matter of fact we HAVE been married for over 20 years – why do you ask?)

So, you see, Spinning Pushers, you have pulled me into something completely against my will, which obviously is not good for me, and obviously has taken a serious hold on me. I should never have made the trip. I should never have watched you all spin and contemplated the peace and serenity of it all. I should never have picked up that roving and spindle. Now look at the mess I’m in. Sigh.

Sincerely,Sheri IknowyouwillblamemeandsayIwantedtolearn,

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