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Send in the Elves

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 in Loopy Q & A

DSC01379.JPGIsn’t this a great sign? On days like today, it’s definitely “Send in the Elves!” day! We love our Loopy Elves here and even on busy days, we have a lot of fun. :-) (Chocolate and Starbucks helps, too.) We did do a Sneak Up last night, and I did send out the Loopy Groupie email. For some reason, not everyone received it and we are looking into that. Some of you might find it in your spam folders, but others must still be floating in cyberspace or lost in the same place that our second case of Wollmeise seems to have disappeared into. Hopefully we’ll have it all figured out before the next Sneak Up. We’re working on it.

I thought today would be a good day to answer questions that I keep getting. (If you know all the answers, you can skip today’s blog and you get an “A”. Come back on Friday!)

“Do the current Sock Club members get to renew automatically, or do they go into the lottery with everyone else?”

I’m sorry for not making that clear. Yes, current sock club members get to renew automatically. You all have been great to work with and we’d love to have you again. I’ll let you know when we’re ready to take your renewals. (There will also be plenty of new spots, as we’re increasing the numbers for next year.)

“Do you know the cost of next year’s Sock Club and how that will work?”

We’re keeping it the same price as this year – $33 plus shipping. For that, you will receive the limited edition yarn dyed up just for the sock club (we use a different dyer or yarn company each time), and a pattern written especially for that yarn. You’ll also get different fun things in each shipment. Most of the yarns are $24 or $25, the patterns are $5, so you’re only paying $3 or $4 for the “something fun”. Those of you in this year’s Sock Club know that the value of these extras has been much more than that. We know you like those surprises, and we have fun finding them for you! Also, next year we will do 5 shipments and they’ll come every other month, starting in March.

“I placed an order last night and another one first thing this morning – can you ship them together?”

We always check your account as we’re doing the shipping labels, because, honestly, this happens a lot. (And we totally understand that!) If you have two or more orders in with us, we will definitely send them together and save you shipping (or delete the shipping if the combined total is over $75.)

“I’m just ordering patterns and the website charged me $5.95 for that. I don’t think I should have to pay that.”

We don’t think so either. When you have just ordered patterns, we ship them to you in an envelope and we go in and change the shipping amount for you. Depending on how many you order, the cost is usually $1-3. When you get your email that says your order has shipped, you can log in to your Loopy account and see how much the shipping ended up being.

“I am an international customer – does it really cost that much to ship to me?”

It depends on where you live. :-) The website will charge you the default rate, but if it’s less than that, we change the amount to save you money. The minimum international rate is $5. The maximum rate for Canada is $10 and all other countries is $16. That means if your shipping goes under those amounts, we save you the money, and if it goes over those amounts, we pay the difference.

“I really really really love you guys. Can you save a skein of Wollmeise for me? Pretty please?? You’re my favorite shop!!”

We love those emails! They make us smile! They make us feel good! They make us use exclamation points excessively!!! (sorry. ahem.) But, unfortunately, they don’t convince us to save a certain yarn for you. :-( We’d love to be able to do that, but of course it’d get way out of hand. We really are sorry that we can’t let you reserve yarn. It would be awfully handy if we could.

“When are you getting more __________ in stock?” (You can pretty much fill in the blank with anything.)

Almost everything here is always on order. Most of our yarn lines and indie dyers are on auto-order, meaning we have revolving orders in with them all the time, as often as they can do them for us. When they get done with one, they are usually already working on the next one. They’re awesome. So if you’re wondering when something is coming in, do feel free to email and ask, but just know that most likely it’s “soon”!

“I really want to come to your Loopy Spring Fling Sock Retreat. Do you have dates yet?”

We’re still working out the details (we have fun things planned!) but the weekend I’m planning for – barring any hotel issues, which still need to be worked out – is April 25-27. Second choice is April 18-20, but we’re trying for our first choice.

“I found a new sock yarn that I love. Can you get it at The Loopy Ewe?”

We’d love to hear about it and we’ll definitely look into it. Email us.

“What new things will you be getting in?”

Ohhhh, there are a lot. We’ll fill you as they each get closer to being here. There is some really great stuff on order!

“Have you bought a wheel yet???”

No. But I do plan to try some out this weekend and then make some decisions. Which of course means that roving for sale at The Loopy Ewe is not far behind…….

Sheri Friday’sblogwillhaveourNovembercontestANDtheamazingpumpkindessertrecipe!

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